Top Ways to Borrow Small Money to Fund Your Business Needs

There are instances when small expenses can leave you struggling for survival until the next payday. A broken car, paying the instalment for your smartphone or some other unexpected payments can lend you in a short pinch of money. In these situations, one cannot wait for the payday to get the cash they want.

There are options for short term loans that can help you not only for personal purposes but also for business funding too. Some even offer 15 minutes loans from direct lenders to the borrowers. However, thorough research is recommended to get a loan feasible for your financial condition. In this blog, we have mentioned the top ways you can get a small amount of money for your business.

Payday Loans

A payday loan is a short-term loan taken out to be repaid within a few weeks. You can take a small amount between £100 and £1000. But make sure you repay it within a month or two since the interest rate is considerably high. Some lenders might charge you even 40% of the principal amount. The APR is too high and makes you reconsider your decision. But it is unimportant when the loan is only for a few weeks. Even though the interest rate is high, a payday loan is a safer option in times of crisis. Think of it only if you are sure you can repay it with your next salary.

Guarantor Loans

There are options to get short-term and long-term loans for bad credit from direct lenders. But, if you’re having trouble finding one, you can use a good credit history of someone you know. Financial institutions offer the guarantor loan to people with someone they know willing to cover the repayment. The borrower has the opportunity to increase the low credit ratings. There won’t be any impact on the guarantor’s credit report until the borrower is paying the instalments on time. The interest rates are low to moderate. However, if the guarantor is not able to repay the loan, the guarantor has to pay in his stead.

Credit Card

You can use one of the credit cards in your pocket to pay for the utilities or bills instantly. There will be no interest if you pay the amount within the next 30 days or the next due date. So, you don’t have to pay anything extra than the amount you took. Also, there is an option to take money out in advance as cash. However, you might have to pay some fee or interest for each transaction. These charges are not essential as some lender might credit money in your account without fee or interest.

Credit Unions

The credit union in your area can help you with a small loan. These financial institutions are community-based and don’t charge much interest over the principal. Also, you can have a flexible loan repayment schedule. Therefore, they are a good option if you are looking for long term loans for bad credit from direct lenders. The possibility is there that the credit union will offer you a loan only if you’re saver with them.


Overdraft is a credit extension a financial institution offers to its customer when the account has no funds. With an overdraft facility, you can withdraw money from the account even though the balance is zero. You should have an agreement with the bank before taking money. An unplanned overdraft can result in higher interest rates and admin charges. If the amount is not paid within the time frame, this unplanned loan can cause a breach in account’s terms and conditions. Therefore, always get the approval of the bank before overdrawing money. Your account might have a limit with an unplanned overdraft. These have a monthly fee and charges per transaction.

Doorstep Loan

A simple type of loan where the borrower gets the cash without visiting the bank once. The lender will send their representative for documentation. The representative might conduct an assessment on your affordability before offering the final amount for the loan. After verification, money is being provided in cash to the borrower.

The convenience is the best aspect of the doorstep loan. Also, the amount will be collected from your house. The repayment time is short, and the amount offered is less than £1000. The interest rates are the reason why you should only take it for a few weeks. Also, people often get used to doorstep loon, causing financial instability due to the interest.

The loans mentioned in this blog are for situations when you need a small amount of money to fund your business needs. Some of these options can be helpful in case you’re looking for long-term loans for bad credit from direct lenders. At the same time, indeed, you should always have an emergency fund for situations like these. Still, there are unexpected emergencies that can catch you off-guard with expenses just exceeding your savings.

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