Top reasons why an office needs an interior designer

A contemporary office space at present times has become more of a second home to employees who spend a major part of their day at the workplace. It is only fair to make the place lively, inviting, safe, hygienic and comfortable enough for your staff to go about their daily routines in a speedy and efficient manner.

The task, though seemingly easy could be quite challenging as you’ll need to address the expectations of all stakeholders who get to use the office space, each of them with their own priorities.

The boss/supervisor/owner of the establishment obviously will have concerns about how best the prime space is utilized, as office rentals are indeed whopping expenses.

The staff, on the other hand, will need work stations/areas that allow them sufficient space, privacy and office infrastructure to do their allotted jobs. If the office space is open to visitors/clients, they are bound to expect a fully functional and aesthetic reception /conference area.

Professional interior designer services prove invaluable to address these expectations and also influence several other significant factors at the workplace such as the ones mentioned here.

Employee morale and Productivity

There are quite a few studies that have established a link between the ambiance of the workplace and employee productivity. Even without compelling evidence, we do know that people are not comfortable spending long hours in drab, dull, poorly lit or ventilated spaces, more so on a daily basis.

The work environment right from the individual work stations, lighting, and ventilation to the color of wall paints, comfortable seating, cleanliness, and hygiene largely influence an employee’s productivity.

Efficient Operations

The collaborative effort of staff is essential for office operations to be smooth and efficient.

The office layout plays a key role in facilitating collaboration. Interior designers can help designate and suitably furnish common areas for informal meetings, brainstorming or teamwork making space both inviting and functional as well.

Maximized Use of Prime Space

Interior designers usually team up with office furniture manufacturers to create the most appealing and functional office spaces. Every inch of office space comes with a price tag and it definitely must be put to best use, while allowing enough room and privacy for staff to work and move around the place.

From flexible open spaces with modular furniture, compact workstations fitted with storage spaces and ergonomic seating to posh corner cabins/conference rooms with upscale infrastructure and visitor-friendly reception desks designers make sure that all elements fit snugly in place.

Brand Image and Work Culture

It is important for your office design to reflect the brand image of your company and its work culture.  Your office design can speak volumes about the type of business you are involved in, what your brand stands for, how well you take of your staff and other key aspects of your business operations.

Cluttered and dull office space may not be received well by potential clients/customers, even if your service levels are exceptional or products of high quality. Irrespective of whether boldly designed or conservatively furnished, office space must exude professionalism in tune with the type of business they do.

Experienced interior designers are adept at transforming/creating a suitable office setting that creates the right impression with clients and staff as well.

Optimal Mix of Aesthetics and Utility Value

The aesthetics of a work environment subconsciously influences an employee’s mood and performance efficiency.  A bright, airy, clean, comfortable and vibrant workspace not only motivates staff to come to work every day but also do their jobs efficiently.

Spending long hours at the workplace if and when necessary may no longer be a matter of concern as well.

A pleasant and comfortable workplace must also be suitably organized to ensure daily operations are carried out in a speedy and efficient manner. Office layout plays a key role in boosting performance efficiency as spaces are suitably demarcated and furnished based on the different business functions and roles.

As office furniture manufacturers pretty much cater to standard requirements of workspaces, finding the right pieces of office furniture or getting a customized set to suit your requirements is definitely a breeze.

Working with a local manufacturer often makes the task fast and easy with the interior designer overseeing the entire project.

Costs Vs Benefits

Attempting to do the interiors of your office all by your own could prove a lofty goal, but still doable if you can spend time, effort and funds for the project. Offices whether small or large, are likely to benefit from the professional services of an interior designer in several ways.

Apart from the hidden benefits of employee productivity and client satisfaction, you get to tap on the honed talent and inherent creativity of a professional designer. Experienced office designers bring a wealth of design ideas that can transform your workspace, even by making the smallest of changes/additions.

Seasoned designers may also regularly procure furniture, lighting and other pieces of décor from their trustworthy sources and can really drive a bargain when it comes to negotiating purchase deals as well!

Hiring the services of professional interior designers may cost a tad extra but your expenses are fully justified considering that they are indeed investments. These are bound to pay off over time in terms of enhanced productivity and efficiency, employee morale and longevity, business prospects and of course revenue.

The next time you need to spruce up your existing office space, or relocate your office, make sure to consider the possibility of working with an interior designer to get that facelift for your workplace!