Top Mosquito Attractants on the Market

Many products claim to destroy mosquitoes but simply fail when put to the test. The primary cause of these fiascoes are the lack of an essential ingredient for ultimate mosquito elimination. That key ingredient is a mosquito attractant. More advanced methods of All-Natural Mosquito Control East Meadow such as Flowtron zappers can sufficiently reduce mosquito populations without attractants. The not so advanced zapping methods, including those that use ultraviolet light, do not possess the power to draw in mosquitoes who are just not attracted to them. In these cases a crucial factor must be applied. When looking for some sort of insect control, whether it be a zapper,magnet,or vacuum, make sure that it has the ability to coincide with mosquito attractants like ocetnol or lurex-3.

One of the most effective means of attraction is its Royal Hinest, Octenol. Octenol has been widely used in all forms of mosquito control. Octenol contains chemicals that make mosquitoes, preferably females(biting mosquitoes) perceive it as the breath of humans. So while the mosquito believes that its closing in for an appetizing human meal its in for a rude awakening when a thousand jolts of electricity eradicate it utmost being.

Quickly gaining popularity, lurex-3 out performs octenol on certain mosquito species including the Asian Tiger Mosquito. Lurex-3 works by emitting odors and scents similar to that of humans. This attractant is primarily used in mosquito magnets, but may also be used in mosquito vacs. Lurex-3 is a patent pending masterpiece.

Which attractant hold the highest favor with its customers? Despite the many accomplishments by Lurex-3 many customers still hold Octenol in high favor. Making sure you know your geographic location, and matching your location to the right attractant is crucial to the success of your mosquito catch rate. Lurex 3 has been designed to work well in the southern states; while octenol has been engineered to function at its peak in the northern states.