Top Drain Cleaning Equipment for Sale at Duracable!

Duracable is an online provider of manufactured drain cleaning equipment. They carry drain cleaning machines, cables, blades, reels, and camera inspection equipment to make your job of cleaning drains easier. The team at Duracable stands behind all of their Drain Cleaning Equipment For Sale and they offer a two-year warranty on all drain cleaning machines because they believe in the quality of their products.

The three types of drain machines they carry are sink drain machines, sled drain machines, and upright machines. Their sink machines include the DM125, DM138, and the DM150. The DM125 features an 8” polyethylene reel and ¼” x 37’ cable. This drain cleaning machine is ideal for smaller clogs in residential plumbing lines. In the DM138, they carry options A and A2. The DM138A features a 14” polyethylene reel and ⅜” x 90’ cable. The DM138A2 features one 8” and one 14” polyethylene reel and one ⅜” x 90’ cable and one ¼” x 37’ cable. These DM138 sink machines are powerful enough to cut through the most impossible of clogs in a small drain line. The DM150 drain cleaner machines are pivot machines and come in 3 options: DM150, DM150A, and DM150A2. These machines feature various reels and cables and are versatile enough to be ideal for residential, roof vents, sinks, bathtubs, shower drains, and floor drains.

The sled machines available at Duracable include J-Maxx, DM10, DM30, and DM55. The J-Maxx machines we carry include the J-Maxx SP, J-Maxx SPA, J-Maxx SPB, and the J-Maxx SPC. The SP and the SPB come with a 16” polyethylene reel and the SPA and SPC machines come with a 19” polyethylene reel. The SP comes with an open-spoke metal reel and a ⅜” x 75’ cable while the SPB comes with the same size cable and closed reel. The SPA and the SPC both feature a ½” x 75’ cable but the SPA has an open spoke metal reel while the SPC has a closed reel.

The third type of drain machine Duracable offers is the upright machine. Their upright machines only come in two styles: the DM162 and the DM175. The DM162 is the SP1 version and is a mini upright with an 18” polyethylene reel and a ⅝” x 80’ cable. The DM175 is the SP1 version and comes with a 23” polyethylene reel and an 11/16” x 100’ cable. These upright machines save time and money because they eliminate the need for a belt and make switching reels quicker and easier.

Aside from their high-quality manufactured drain cleaning machines, Duracable also offers many other drain cleaning equipment for sale. Their drain snake cables include ¼” drain cables, ½”, ¾”, 5/16”, ⅝” ⅜” and 11/16” drain cables. They offer both hollow core and inner core cables to choose from in each different drain snake cable size. For drain cleaning technicians who prefer to have more than one reel available for their drain cleaning machines, Duracable also offers a variety of closed and open spoke reels to choose from in a variety of sizes.

To ensure the quality of their products, all of their drain cleaning equipment for sale goes through thorough testing so that they can be sure they are offering their customers the best products they need to complete their services effectively and without any issues. Duracable aims to provide drain cleaning technicians with products that can make their jobs easier. For more information on the Duracable and the products they sell, visit them online at or give them a call at 800-247-4081.

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