Top 5 Suburbs in Sydney to Live in (2022)

Are you thinking of moving to Sydney? It may seem daunting at first, but this article might help you out whether you’re looking for a place that’s safe for the whole family, culture, or affordability. 

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Sydney suburbs to live in for 2021. 


#5 Waverton 

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What’s great about Waverton is that it offers an incredible adequate balance of other benefits to counterbalance its high prices. If you’re looking for this in particular, then you can be sure that it’s one of the city’s most remarkable balances of convenience and beautiful scenery without dealing with the normally one main weakness other high-end suburbs usually have like isolation, inadequate public transport, and many more.

The suburb has stunning lookout points across Sydney Harbour and somewhere across the water, as well as scenic green park spaces and streets that you don’t have to squeeze yourself with other tourists. Also, if you hate the traffic noise, you won’t need to worry about it here. 

To go to work, you can go for a walk or hop on a train and ride into the CBD, and you’ll be avoiding the daily life-drain. Although it lacks a little in amenities outside its several lovely cafes and single small cafes supermarket, the sacrifice is somehow all worth it when you’ve got all of Sydney basically at your fingertips without the need to suffer in a hassle atmosphere, 


#4 Inner West Sydney

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Planning to explore houses for sale in inner west? The suburb is famous for its trendy cafes and grainy and bohemian leanings. Today, it became a land of up-market terraces, almost endless in quality restaurants offering a vast range of dog-friendly parks, cuisines, convenient public transport connectivity.  

The close proximity of inner west to Sydney City makes it extremely desirable for smaller families and commuters alike. However, with this desirability also comes with soaring property prices which is pretty understandable. The suburb is filled with beautiful parks and striking Victorian architecture, although the streets are usually narrow and there is limited on-street parking with freestanding homes. 


#3 Jannali 

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Jannali was formerly a figurative ghost town filled with tumbleweeds blowing through it, and today, it has evolved into a spacious living and amazing greenery with adequate small shops, cafes and even places where you can enjoy drinks. 

So, if you’re considering to live in this part of Sydney, it’s definitely a good time that you do now as its housing market with the area will become more popular in the coming years with new addition of modern apartment blocks. 

It also appeals to families as it has a handful of prestigious schools, and its community is safe with wide, peaceful streets. Aside from that, nature and greenery of Royal National Park can be enjoyed, as well as the Woronora area as they are right on your doorstep. The only downside is probably the lack of big-box shopping. 


#2 Oatley

Photo by St George & Sutherland Shire Leader


If you’re one of those people who is attracted to the lifestyle of Sutherland Shire but is not ready to commit to living so far away from the city, then Oatley is the best alternative for you. A lot of families who live here find this true as it has the perfect mix of serenity, parks, schools and living space that create the perfect mix for raising kids. 

You don’t have to sacrifice a lot of connectivity too in this place. Although its train station sees isolated services outside of peak hours, it’s manageable given how driveable the surrounding area is as well. 

Furthermore, your bigger-scale shopping needs won’t be a problem as Miranda and Hurtsvilles are not far away either. It might be pretty pricey in Oatley, but you can be sure that you’ll feel premium in return. 


#1 Hornsby 

Photo by Local Guide Signs 


Some may not agree why Hornsby is at the top of this list, but we have balanced out its positives, leaving you with one of the best all-rounder suburbs in Sydney. Although there are tiny amounts of negatives this suburb has, such a being a bit further from the city, and it’s not the ideal culinary hotspot, these are offset by its positives. 

Of course, the first thing we would mention is its array of great amenities. The suburb is well-equipped even if it’s not that big that you don’t have to go anywhere else. The Westfield complex has many big-box stores and home goods warehouses, numerous family-friendly parks, lovely cafes and dining, and even swimming complexes. Hornsby is like a self-contained mini-city if you’re going to assess it. 

Its price-versus-benefits ratio is also ideal, offering many housing types that you can choose from and several good value properties notwithstanding its increasing popularity. 

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