India is always blessed with her flora and fauna and the bird sanctuaries of India resemble the same. There are hundreds of species of birds that you can find in the subcontinent and if you are really interested in bird watching, then these few are the best spots you can ever find.

1. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Also known as Keoladeo National Park, this is one of the best spots to watch birds and the best in the state of Rajasthan. The beauty of the marshy land is embroidered with more than 36 prominent species of birds and other than that there are plenty of fishes of 130 species. Variety of lizards, different species of frogs and other amphibians are also there at the lovely spot. Along with the same, there you can find 13 species of snakes too. The overall experience at the place is sure to be overwhelming for nature and animal lovers.

2. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Based on marshy land of Gujarat, this one of the largest bird sanctuary of India and is the place where you can find hundreds of birds of different species. Over than 250 species of Birds are available here and the fine beauty overall is going to give you a perfect day out at the place, marked with natural beauty, the place is having some of the best species of birds, which you have often seen in the different animal channels.

3. Chilka Lake

The breakwater lake is the largest saltwater pond of Asia and is one of the best locations for watching birds. Near than 150 migratory species of birds are visible here. They make a fly all away from Russia and Alaska and you can find most of them during the winter season. Birds from Australia also are visible here and being in another hemisphere, you can find them during the summer time too.

4. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Located in Gurgaon, this is also a splendid location for bird watchers. You can find an overall 250 domestic species of birds here throughout the year and in the winter time, you can find near to 150 species of birds moving right across your nose tips. The place is one of the best spots for a picnic too for the local people, who take the recess during the winter season along with bird watching.

5. Vedanthagal Bird Sanctuary

In terms of size, it is one of the smallest bird sanctuaries of India, but you will find that bird lovers make crowd here during the autumn or the spring. The reason for that is you will find near to 25 absolutely rare species of birds here. The bird sanctuary is situated in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu and is one of the best locations, preferred by the bird lovers.

The above list is only the most visited bird sanctuaries of India which you can explore through the Palace on Wheels train. The largest of its kind are still left out and many more to see are kept aside. However, the above stated are the spots, which you cannot miss by any means.