Top 5 Benefits of Seedboxes

In the past couple of years, seedboxes have become very popular in the torrenting community. Seedboxes are becoming increasingly popular because they are being seen as effective, private, and secure ways to download and upload torrent files. In layman’s terms, seedboxes are simply dedicated high-speed servers that are used only for uploading and downloading torrent files. If and when you get yourself a seedbox, you will be able to use the seedbox to manage your torrents through any browser from any place in the world. If you have been contemplating using a seedbox but still haven’t been able to make up your mind, then read on further to know the key benefits of using a seedbox. Let’s get started!

  1. Speed: – Speed is one of the primary benefits of a seedbox because seedboxes are set up on 100Mbit-1Gbps lines, which are insanely fast, a lot faster than most average home internet connections. Even if you go for a cheap seedbox or go for a shared seedbox where you will be sharing the bandwidth with others, you can still easily get speeds of up to 30Mbit per second. This means that if and when you begin using a seedbox, you will be able to download a full HD movie within minutes, an operating system within 40 seconds, and an MP3 in just under a second.
  2. Downloading: – One of the main reasons why seedboxes became so resoundingly popular in the torrenting community in the first place was their insanely fast download sleeps. Full DVD-Rs can get downloaded within 10 minutes, 700MB DVD Rips can get downloaded within 3 minutes, operating systems can get downloaded within 40 seconds and average-sized MP3’s can get downloaded within 1 second.
  3. Uploading: – Seeding matters to most torrenters, a lot more than downloading. It is important for all torrents to maintain a good ratio or else they run the high risk of their accounts withering away and dying. That’s why seedboxes are often used by many torrents to maintain a good ratio. A ratio of 1:1 can be achieved within minutes and for popular torrents, even a ratio of 10:1 can be achieved. Just get yourself a seedbox and you will no longer face a need to seed a torrent for weeks just to remain in the good books of your private tracker. If and when you begin using a seedbox, you will easily be able to delete torrents, pause them, and replace them with new ones. You won’t suffer from any upload limitations when you begin using a seedbox and seeding and uploading is actually one of the main reasons why people prefer using a seedbox.
  4. Safe & Secure: – When you begin using a seedbox, you will no longer feel the need to use a BitTorrent client on your home connection, and that ensures a higher level of privacy and security for you. Since your client is remote it ensures that your home IP cannot be seen. Encrypted HTTP and FTP connections ensure that even your ISP will find it hard to snoop on you.
  5. Your home connection remains untouched: – When you begin using a seedbox your home connection will free up! You can use your internet connection for doing whatever you wish. When you begin using a seedbox you won’t have to keep your computer on at all times for seeding. This will result in lower electricity bills because you won’t need to keep your computer at all times for the sake of seeding 24/7.

The Bottom Line

There you go. Those were the key benefits of using seedboxes in today’s day and age. They have multitudes of benefits which has made their presence omnipresent among members of the torrenting community. The best thing is that you won’t have to break the bank or burn a hole in your pocket to get yourself a seedbox because you can get on a shared seedbox for less than $10 on a monthly basis.

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