Top 4 Reasons you Might Want to Compress PDF Files for your Emails The Next Time

When we hear the term ‘compress PDF files’, the foremost advantage that comes into our mind is the availability of turning large PDF files into small file size while maintaining high quality. But apart from this obvious reason, there are also various important benefits that we tend to overlook sometimes. Being the Portable Document Format, PDF files are meant to look the same for every user irrespective of the device they are using.

Let us take a look at some of the underrated reasons why you should opt for compressing PDF files to use in your emails without compromising the quality of the file. So, here are some reasons to compress PDF before you mail it.

Better email transmission 

As technology keeps on progressing, the amount of data is increasing day by day. And with this the importance and necessity of sending and receiving information. But we often face a common drawback in this matter is the limited storage that the email providers offer. PDF files are usually large and take up a lot of space and the only way to send a small-sized file while maintaining a high-quality is by compressing the file. This will not only allow you to send a large file via email but also ensures a better transaction experience.

Faster downloads with easy access to attachments

As a fast pacing world, we all tend to look toward things that can be done faster than the other. Businesses, as well as individuals, consider high-speed as a foremost requirement for doing anything online from surfing to sharing files. But the more megabytes you are dealing with, the more time it will take to process. though a single 100MB PDF file is not going to cause an issue it can be a headache if you’re dealing with hundreds of 100MB files. This is where the importance of compressing PDF files come in handy so that you can send large files within minutes.

Save storage of your computer

When you compress large files, you are automatically saving more space to store files in your computer. PDF files are commonly used and being usually large in size, takes up a lot of space in your machine. For this reason, compressing PDF files are essential to save up the memory of your computer so that it can eventually run faster and without a glitch.

Increases shareability 

When you use compressing tools to turn large files into smaller size while maintaining the quality, the algorithm allows you to send PDF seamlessly without a hassle. The shareability of the files increases drastically and can be accessed via other devices as well for being smaller in size.


In addition to these major benefits, you can also archive these files easily for taking less space and can retrieve at any given point in time. This not only gives you faster access to files later on but also ensures that you avoid any uncertainty by providing peace of mind.

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