Top 4 Autumn Tips for Water Features Melbourne to Follow

So, you have installed a water feature in your outer space and enjoying the tickling sound of falling water. It not only releases your stress but also attracting birds, dragonflies, butterflies and more to your space. But only incorporating a water element is not enough. To enjoy its beauty and functionality, you also need to maintain it regularly and also follow some seasonal maintenance tips.

Wondering what to do? How to take care of your water features Melbourne? Well, we have listed down a few tips for you –

  1. Remove Autumn Leaves

We love the changing colours of autumn leaves and the fallen leaves on the floor. Besides, we love taking a walkout in the autumn air with these leaves underfoot and feel the essence of the air. However, they can be a bit nuisance when it comes to our yard and keeping up with the water feature. Manage time and remove those leaves regularly to stop the build-up of sludge. And if you have a pond, you can net it to reduce this build-up. Moreover, you can cut back your water plants in your pond as they begin to die and turn brown. It will prevent them from rotting in the water during the winter months.

  1. Look after Your Fish

Often we overfeed our fish unintentionally over the autumn months. We just want to ensure that they are staying healthy over this season. However, they do continue to produce excrement even when they are hibernating. Therefore, it would be a good idea to keep this to a minimum. If you notice that the fish rise to the top of the water during autumn, it is most likely only for oxygen.

  1. Cleaning

Autumn is the perfect time to provide all your pond filters and pumps a good clean before colder winter comes in. They are working hard and may have picked up some organic matter, which could be floating around, So, it would be better to turn them all off and remove them from the water in order to check them over. It also helps you clean out any equipment like this, both inside and outside. During the cold weather, you can also reduce the flow from your pumps to lower the chilling effect of the cold air on the water.

  1. Hibernation

Make sure to carry out any autumn maintenance before the hibernation period in the winter begins. You may not wish to dishwater the wildlife when this starts. So, it would be a good idea to get all the jobs done now and as soon as possible. Frogs will return to your pond this month to hibernate during the winter. And when the temperature of the water drops to around seven degrees Celsius, fish will begin to hibernate at the bottom of the pond. Once you get into the last stages of autumn, try not to disturb the pond area.

These tips will help you to take care of your ponds or fountains Tasmania or Melbourne in the autumn months. Along with regular maintenance, consider these tips and make your water feature capable of withstanding autumnal weather conditions.

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