Top 3 Inspections To Carry Out Before Going For The MOT Test

The Ministry Of Transport (MOT) test is an examination that almost every vehicle on the road has to take at some point in time. It checks all the internal and external components of the motorcycle, car, or SUV and determines whether they are roadworthy or not. It is thus, a measure of safety, which keeps you, your passengers and other individuals on the roadway secure.

As per UK law, you have to start taking the test immediately after your vehicle turns three. So, mark your calendar three years from the date of registration. It takes around 45 minutes to an hour for the test to complete. During this time, the technician at the testing centre inspects the auto parts to check for faults. The engine, clutch, and gearbox are left unexamined. If everything is in order, you earn an MOT certificate, which remains valid for twelve months.

But, if some defects pop up, your vehicle could fail the test. More often than not, the latter is the case. That is because most drivers tend to overlook minor troubles in their automobiles. However, doing a quick inspection before going for the MOT test can help diagnose these. That will ensure you pass the examination with flying colours.

In this article, we discuss three easy-to-follow check-ups. You should perform these before taking your vehicle to the testing centre. They are listed below.

1. Fuel And Engine Oil:

The amount and state of the fuel and engine oil in your car makes a huge difference in its performance and security. Dirty oil can throw off the vehicle output by a long shot. That, in turn, is the perfect recipe for an MOT failure. So, make sure you get your automobile serviced frequently. Top up the oil, fuel, and other fluids since it ensures a quick MOT test and a smooth ride every time.

2. Interior And Exterior Electrical Parts:

All the electrical components in your vehicle are crucial for ensuring a safe ride. However, external parts, such as the lights and indicators, get damaged easily. Taking the MOT test with such broken or malfunctioning components will likely fail. So, before sending your vehicle to the testing centre, you must check all the headlights, taillights, licence plate lights and hazard lights. In case any of them are not working, they should replace them immediately with a new one. For your indicators, press the button to see if they are blinking correctly. Seek help from a friend if necessary. That is a routine procedure that you should perform, not just before an MOT test. Doing this every few months ensures you are safe and sound on the road.

3. Tyres And Wheels:

Tyres are made from rubber, which can wear out upon constant contact with the tarmac. That destroys their ability to provide sufficient traction on the road, putting you in harm’s way. So, it is essential to keep your tyres in good health. If during an MOT test they do not match the general standard, you can fail it. To avoid this, you have to take care of a few things. First, measure the tread depth of your tyres every two weeks. You can either use a tread depth gauge or simply a 20p coin. If the reading is below 1.6 millimetres, you are in big trouble. That is dangerous since your tyres will have lost the ability to both move and stop correctly.

Replacement is your only option, and it has to be done quickly. Although measuring the tread is the best way, you can also check the tread wear indicators. This will let you know if your tyres need to be replaced. Second, always make sure to check the pneumatic pressure of your tyres. If they are below or above the recommended range, re-inflate or deflate accordingly. Third, perform regular tyre inspections to check for uneven wear. If you find such signs, realign your wheels and rotate your tyres.

The MOT test decides whether you are allowed to drive your vehicle on the road or not. So, you must pass it well. Doing so on the first try saves you quite a bit of money, time and stress. So, perform all the checks mentioned above before going for the MOT Test Newcastle Upon Tyne. These are simple yet effective in ensuring a positive output!

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