Top 10 Must-Visit Coldest Places in the World

Only a few travelers love exploring the places where mercury drops beyond the zero-degree mark. If you love taking challenges head-on, make sure to put these desolate and sub-freezing landscapes on your list of must-visit spots.

Many coldest places on earth are not accessible to the tourists. In this blog, I have made a list of top ten cold places worth a visit. Their selection is based on their unique location as well as available activities for the travelers.

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

It is the northernmost peninsula of Iceland. The mercury dips as low as -29ºF and remains below the water-freezing point during a short span of winter. The nature reserve is abundant with wildlife and offers some striking hiking trails. Sitting far away from civilization, the tranquil and thrilling beauty receives footsteps only a few and far between.


Nestled in Finland, Rovaniemi is fondly called the capital of Santa’s homeland. The place offers plenty of attractions for a visit during winter when average temperature remains around -10ºF. If you don’t like to hang around with reindeer or visit a Santa theme park, Aurota Borealis is definitely an attraction hard to resist.  


The place in Greenland witnesses a drop in mercury level up to 11ºF in January. However, that never becomes a deterrent for the adventure enthusiasts who find Greenland a wonderful country to enjoy hiking and sailing.


In this small village of Sweden, mercury reaches -5ºF. It is an iconic place for adventure lovers to enjoy real thrill of life without giving a damn to chilly cold.


The largest settlement in the Svalbard archipelago is home to small population of around 2000 people. Isn’t it amazing that the residents survive the winter when the thermostat dips below to reach as low as -10ºF.

Rogers Pass

The mountain pass between Missoula and Great Falls welcomes the visitors with a windchill at -70ºF. January temperature hovers around -10ºF. Despite lingering chilly days, the Scapegoat Wildness Park is worth a midwinter visit to experience the richness of nature.

McMurdo Station

Mid-winter temperature goes down to -21ºF. Salute the residents in the largest settlement of Antarctica for staying alive despite the harshest weather. Wherever your eyes travel, they meet white snow covering the entire land. A place of stupendous beauty!


The name of the place sounds truly interesting. Named after the First Nations tribe, who used to make their copper-made tools from the Arctic regions, the place has an average January temperature hanging around -21ºF. It really surprises me how these tribes are still alive in one of the coldest towns on the earth.


Finally, Russia makes it to the list! With the average winter temperature traveling around 42ºF, the place houses the world’s only museum dedicated to permafrost. Other settlements in the zone have a more severe cold as the mercury bows down to hit -55ºF.


Temperature slips beyond -30ºF during the long-stretched winter that feels extremely dry and bitter. Known as the coldest capital in the globe, its landscape is filled with colorful and nicely decorated buildings. Bustling with activities even during the chilliest days of winter, the city is home to more than 1.5 million residents who take part in a wider range of colorful festivals that reflect a rich culture dominated Asia once upon a time.