Top 10 Mileage-Based Two-Wheelers in India With Affordable Price Range

Owners of two-wheelers pay close attention to mileage. The best mileage two-wheeler is the first choice of vehicle owners. Mileage is essentially the number of kilometers a vehicle can drive on a single liter of fuel. There are numerous synonyms for the term ‘mileage,’ including ‘bike average, ‘bike mileage,’ ‘vehicle average,’ and ‘gas mileage.’ However, these expressions all essentially refer to the same thing.

The fuel price is one of the significant expenses associated with vehicle ownership. Fuel costs are becoming a bigger burden for vehicle owners everywhere as they increase continuously. A two-wheeler’s higher mileage is a huge benefit. It means the vehicle can cover many kilometers on a small amount of fuel. It increases overall savings. On the other hand, the engine will consume fuel quickly if the mileage is low. This leads to frequent tank refills. It will increase expenditures. High fuel efficiency is a very significant element for a bike because of the amount of savings it may provide. The bike’s price is also an important factor, along with mileage. Price makes a huge difference. People think they have to compromise with mileage when looking for a two-wheeler at best price. But this is not the real case. Here are the top 10 mileage-based two-wheelers with the best prices:

Brand Specification Details
Hero HF Deluxe BS6 Ex-showroom price Rs. 64,020
RTO Rs. 5,422
Insurance Rs. 6,363
Other expenses Rs. 1,949
Mileage 60 to 80 kmpl
Honda CD 110 Dream DLX new Ex-showroom price Rs. 70,315
RTO Rs. 6,155
Insurance Rs. 5,535
Mileage 60 to 80 kmpl
Honda Livo BS6 Drum Ex-showroom price Rs. 75,002
RTO Rs. 6,530
Insurance Rs. 5,588
Mileage 60 to 80 kmpl
Honda SP 125 Drum Ex-showroom price Rs. 82,486
RTO Rs. 7,129
Insurance Rs. 5,675
Mileage 60 to 80 km/l
TVS Raider 125 Drum Ex-showroom price Rs. 85,173
RTO Rs. 6,813
Insurance Rs. 6,358
Mileage 60 to 80 kmpl
TVS Radeon Base Edition BS6 Ex-showroom price Rs. 59,925
RTO Rs. 4,162
Insurance Rs. 5,905
Other expenses Rs. 1,927
Mileage 60 to 80 kmpl
Honda Unicorn BS VI Ex-showroom price Rs. 1,04,000
Mileage 40 to 60 kmpl
TVS Apache RTR 160 2V Disc Ex-showroom price Rs. 1,14,000
Mileage 40 to 60 kmpl
Hero Glamour Blaze Edition Drum Ex-showroom price Rs. 78,000
RTO Rs. 6,607
Insurance Rs. 7,753
Other expenses Rs. 2,269
Mileage 40 to 60 kmpl
Yamaha FZ FI Ex-showroom price Rs. 1,17,000
Mileage 40 to 60 kmpl


How can you keep your bike’s mileage up?

  • Scheduled maintenance- You must service your bike after a few thousand miles. The bike must be serviced at an authorized service center to increase its mileage.
  • Verify the tire pressure- Check the bikes’ tires because a flat tire could result in higher fuel consumption. Ensure the factory specifications are upheld to gain greater mileage from the bikes.
  • Settings of the carburetor- A bike’s performance can be greatly improved by tuning it. Adjusting the carburetor settings frequently aids in recovering the engine’s performance. As a result, it assists in either preserving or increasing mileage.
  • High-grade fuel- Most of the time, only a few bikes with the highest mileage use the finest fuel. Leaded fuel should be avoided as much as possible. Select the high-end fuel that is available in the market.
  • Steer clear of revving and rash riding- Sudden braking, engine revving, high speeds, etc., are indications that the engine is operating under an excessive load. This can drastically affect fuel efficiency. Additionally, doing so risks the engine misfiring and seriously damages the bike.
  • Quickly activate the kill switch- Sometimes, you may have to maintain your engine running while waiting at a traffic signal. Then it is preferable to turn off the engine using the kill switch. This way, both the engine’s health and the saved fuel amount are improved.
  • Refrain from parking in the sun- Avoid parking your vehicle in the sun. This might cause fuel to evaporate from the tank and lower the amount of fuel the engine receives overall. Make sure to leave the vehicle in a garage or a covered area.

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