To get the paint done at home, Home care

To get the paint done at home, first understand the features and flaws associated with oil-based paints, primers, and sheen paints. After monsoon and before Diwali, the phase of painting the house will begin. In this case, choosing the right paint will keep your house new for a long time. What is the latest? Oil-based paints, primers, and sheen … Before starting paint you must have some information. Lifestyle expert Mansi Pujara is telling some special things to get painted at home …

How is paint made?

Four ingredients are required to make the paint – pigments, resins, solvents, and additives. Pigment means paint, resin, or binder, the solvent is the carrier that forms the liquid and flies off as the paint dries. Cheap paint contains more solvent, which flies quickly and the color starts to fade. That is why recoating is required for cheap paint. Good quality paints have up to 45 percent pigment, which does not require much coating.


It is also called latex. This is the most commonly used for painting a house. Quick-drying paint that can be cleaned with soap water. Prevents moisture. This paint, available in many colors, can be applied in any part of the house.

They are also called alkoxides. Is applied to the damp part such as the bathroom and kitchen. Gloss is paint, so it takes time to dry. Brushstrokes are also visible on it. It is costlier than latex. The scent is also strong, so it is not environmentally friendly.

There are so many types of finishes

Matt – Happens on most walls of the house. It is also called the standard finish. The texture is velvety, the brightness is low. Wall faults do not hide. Washing is also difficult.

Eggshell – glows so the defects of the wall are hidden. Can also be washed, hence often applied in high-traffic areas of the home. Like a living room or bathroom.

Satin – Shiny and glossy than Eggshell. At times, satin is also given in place of eggshell. Sometimes both paints are given together. Moviemad

Semi-Gloss – It is applied in places like the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, and laundry. These moistures are also resistant and are easy to wash.

Gloss – They last for a long time and are easily rinsed, so trim, doors, cabinets are applied. High gloss finish glows, reflecting light.

Make workspace at home by decorating plants, prepare desk on a low budget

The work desk has now become a part of almost every household. Often coffee mug stains appear on it or things are scattered, but this should not happen. This is your strength. How to make it an inspiring and comfortable place? Learn from Ami Caprihan.

Plants – Green plants with flowers can be placed on the desk. If you cannot take proper care, you can also keep artificial plants.

Color – It can be painted with your favorite color to hide stains. This will also change the look of the deque space.

Pinboard – A pinboard can be made from metal wire and applied to the wall behind the desk. It can also be painted with white or any bright color. By making a list of your daily work, it can be applied as a reminder.

Candles – Centered candles are not limited to bathrooms and bedrooms. You can also bring them to your work desk. They are helpful in relieving stress.

Book stack – Keep a pack of books on the desk that you want to read again and again. Keep them on the corner of the desk. Small items of desk can also be placed on the stack of books.

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