Tips to shrink all your HME billing burden

Today it is no secret that the complex coding process and its structure are driving up the HME billing cost in the US and making the US one of the most expensive countries to get paid. In fact, according to a recent survey, the billing and insurance-related (BIR) costs in the US are generally much higher than the costs in other countries. The BIR can range as high as $ 215 in the US whereas in other countries the BIR costs ranged only a low of $6 like in Canada.

In fact, with the rising healthcare cost, and resource wages etc, managing seamless HME billing today is not only tough for a lot of HME providers but equally stressing. Furthermore, with different documentation requirements and very different coding processes, HME billers further experience a significant burden in order to translate clinical documentation into a billable approach; thus, making almost all the HME providers look for a better alternative option.

Sunknowledge a better alternative to seamless HME billing:

Taking care of your complete HME billing process, Sunknowledge for more than 15+ years is helping out many HME providers with its billing requirements.

In fact, by managing whole of your pre and post HME billing operation at a cost effective rate and finding solutions for continuous cash flow, Sunknowledge today has helped many HME providers with successful business throughout the years.

Providing your resources time to focus on other priority work – patient care, the Sunknowledge experts save the hours that most of you spend processing a single claim. So, if you are looking for the highest productivity metrics for your HME billing, then Sunknowledge is the answer.

Being up to date with the current HME coding and billing changes, industry mandates and various payers and documentation, the experts work on your complete billing at only $7 on an hourly basis. With a team of excellent experience billers and coders to analyze the billing requirement and work continuously on improving it, Sunknowledge today ensure better finance.

Reworking the rejected claims down the line, the experts are known for resolving aging accounts as old as three years. Cutting down your operational cost, error rate, and AR bucket, Sunknowledge today is the operational partner of many HME providers ensuring better and seamless billing operation at the most cost effective rate that no other RCM organization can guarantee. So if you are worried about the rising cost in today’s labor scarcity market, Sunknowledge is the answer.

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