Tips to Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone wants to stay healthy. Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of what is meant by a healthy lifestyle. Followings are some important tips to help you stay on the right track and become a healthier person.

Eat Healthily

A healthy diet does not need to be an ordeal for you. It is important to bring a change in eating habits, lifestyle and above all, mentality. A healthy diet comprises a variety of foods. For good health, you need 40 different nutrients that are not available in a single food. A balanced diet is what makes a difference in taste and health.

Go for Unsaturated Fat

Fat is important for your health. You need to take fats in the right quantity to stay healthy and for the proper functioning of your body. However, overconsumption of fat adversely affects one’s weight and cardiovascular activities.

Fats are mainly of two types – saturated and unsaturated. To stay healthy, it is important to restrict consumption of saturated fats and replace it with unsaturated fat. Trans fat must be avoidable at any cost.

Include fish in your diet chart at least, 2-3 times a week. One serving of oily fish will add to your intake of unsaturated fats. Avoid frying and instead, boil, bake or steam food. Use vegetable oil to eliminate the fatty portion of meat.

Increase Intake of Carbohydrate-Rich Food

Make a diet plan in such a way that you get half the calories from carbohydrate-rich foods. Rice, pasta, cereals, bread, and potatoes are rich in carbohydrate. Make sure to place at least one of them in your daily diet chart. Wholegrain foods, such as wholegrain bread, cereals and pasta will contribute to your fiber intake.

Take Plenty of Water, Fruits, and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Follow a routine of 5 servings a day so that you can eat all types of food for the necessary nutrients. And yes, don’t forget to take plenty of water as it is important for the proper functioning of your excretory system.

Reduce Intake of Salt & Sugar

Avoid high salt intake as it may cause high blood pressure and put you at high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, try to avoid intake of high sugar. Sugar foods and drinks supply energy to your body. However, these are good only if taken in moderation. You can consume more foods and drinks to stay energetic.

Do Exercises Regularly

Even if you are eating healthy foods and consuming plenty of fluids, exercise is important to maintain health. Regular exercises help you stay in shape and energetic. Obesity is a big problem these days.  The obese people are at a greater risk of several diseases including arthritis, heart attack, and even cancer.

Keeping your weight in control is a real challenge and following a strict diet chart is not enough to accomplish the goal. Do some free-hand exercises regularly. The regular walk is also important to stay fit.

A balanced diet and controlled weight are the main mantras to maintain your health; you just need to follow it without a failure!