Top 7 Tips To Crack NID in Just 6 Months Preparation

The National Institute of Design (NID) is one of India’s most prestigious and internationally recognised educational institutes. It provides design training programmes. It is well-known for being a forerunner in the fields of design education and research. The university is properly recognised by the Indian government, and the courses it offers are among the best in Europe and Asia. Ahmedabad is home to the main NID campus. Gandhinagar and Bangalore have more centres. You must first pass the NID DAT entrance exam in order to be considered for admission to this outstanding institute’s B.Des. programme. A written test, a studio test, and a personal interview are all part of this design aptitude test. To pass the NID prelims, you may always rely on the NID coaching sessions to help you obtain the necessary score.

In terms of NID DAT exam preparation, students should be aware that the written examination is divided into two portions. One sort of inquiry is the objective type. This accounts for 70% of the questions, with the remaining 30% being subjective. These two portions are kept separate. As a result, you must prepare for both portions in order to advance to the following phase, the Studio test. The Prelims have their own problems, while the Studio Test focuses on drawing, sketching, and modelling.

Communication skills, composition, animation, visual design, memory sketching, abstract symbolism, and originality are among the themes covered in the written exam. The ability to draw compensates for the subjective questions. These are the areas where mock examinations, test series, and practise papers given by NID coaching programmes may help you improve. Good coaching institutes, such as Silica, provide this service. When it comes to NID preparation, time is once again a factor. And when you just have 6 months to prepare for the NID prelims, you’ll need all the help you can get.

So, after speaking with NID exam toppers and reviewing all of the academic subjects that appear on the DAT exam, here are some tips:-

Tip No. 1

Sharpen your sketching and drawing skills because they are one of the most crucial aspects of any design. Concentrate more on the commonplace items in your environment and sketch them on a daily basis.

Tip No. 2

Pay attention to even the tiniest things. The attention to detail in product design distinguishes an exceptional design from the ordinary. If you’re requested to sketch a certain type of table, familiarise yourself with the materials used, the texture necessary, and so on.

Tip No. 3

Be inventive. Use your imagination to come up with new methods to communicate the same idea. This will give your design skills wings, and you will excel every creative task you are given. It could be simple to depict a cricket ball as ice cream if you are given the assignment. It is not possible to apply the same logic to anything else. As a result, be ready to face this problem head-on.

Tip No. 4

It’s all about practise, practise, and more practise. Try to finish the creatives as quickly as possible. Pencil speed, precision, and inventiveness must all work together. In the end, this will be the differentiator. Continue to work on your light hand and finishing.

Tip No. 5

Plan your approach to the exam, as you would for any competitive exam. Make a detailed outline of the questions or parts you are familiar with and finish the exam on time. Leave nothing till the last minute.

Tip No. 6

Balance your NID DAT exam practise with your regular lectures. You must concentrate on the task at hand while avoiding any distractions. If you have any mentors, seek their assistance. To cleanse your thoughts, talk to them frequently.

Tip No. 7

Participate in NID coaching classes. Yes, this will assist you in achieving a high grade on your exam. Self-study is not recommended because specialists can make it very simple. Every kid has his or her own set of talents and weaknesses. The appropriate mentorship is required to deal with the portions where you are uncomfortable. This will also save a lot of time. They will also offer sound advice on all aspects of the NID test.

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