Time to Eliminate all your HME Eligibility Verification Problems

Every year an amount of $125 billion is lost by healthcare providers in the medical billing industry for its poor billing practices. As many healthcare providers do not pay the required inspection to the eligibility and verification process.

Studies have shown that most claims are denied due to inadequate or incorrect coverage information provided by the patients during visits, incomplete eligibility verification; the HME eligibility verification process is an essential process and should be carefully examined and maintain for revenue and reimbursements.

Sunknowledge Services: The Perfect HME Eligibility Verification Solution for your Billing Process 

Helping in increasing the revenue with proper eligibility verification Sunknowledge Services Inc not only minimizes the denials rate and rejection but also optimizes cash flow. being the one-stop solution expert in identifying the patient’s responsibility upfront and improving the patient satisfaction rate, the Sunknowledge expert ensure a 99.9% accuracy rate in all its billing process. In fact for successful outcome, Sunknowledge HME eligibility verification covers:

  • Policy active check for the date of service
  • DME coverage
  • Patient Copay / Coinsurance / OOP check
  • Rx & Dx entry (with appropriate timeframe)
  • Provider status (INN / OON)
  • CSI check
  • Authorization requirement
  • Obtaining authorization

Decreasing your denial claims rate with time reimbursement, apart from HME eligibility verification, Sunknowledge services other activities include:

  • Order entry (patients, providers, insurance, items, etc)
  • Eligibility verification (both online, calling)
  • Prior authorization with patients calling and doctor’s office follow up for relevant documentation that needed for the process
  • order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of delivery

Post Billing Services:

  • Claims management
  • Rejection management
  • Payment posting auto (with and without audit as well as manual)
  • Account receivable follow-up
  • Account receivable and denial management

So if you are looking for a detailed HME eligibility verification process that eliminates your hours of phone calls and saves you from wastage of time and money, then Sunknowledge Services Inc is the perfect destination raising your overall bottom line. For more information get in touch with the expert.