Three Reasons To Buy A Drain Snake from Duracable

It’s not like it’s particularly tough to find a drain snake to buy for use with your drain machines or even maybe your hand augers. If you’re looking to Buy A Drain Snake because you need spares for your business or even because you’re looking for a new supplier to bring you higher quality products to remedy a negative experience, there’s hope on the horizon. While you can go to any drain supply outlet or just get on the web and type in “buy a drain snake,” there’s a better way to get the most for your money. Instead of just buying what’s in front of you or the easiest to find, take a trip to and buy a drain snake that will go above and beyond the call of duty, or perhaps below and beyond, whichever is more fitting. Here are three reasons you should buy a drain snake from Duracable.

1.You Won’t Get Duracable Quality Elsewhere
This is enough reason on its own for you to make a practice of supplying yourself and your business with Duracable drain snakes for your drain maintenance services. Simply put, Duracable quality is definitive and peerless. Duracable’s cables exhibit the perfect harmony of strength, hardness, and flexibility, which results in batches of cables that are tough enough to power through the most obdurate obstructions but flexible enough to navigate the most tortuous pipes.

This quality is no happy accident. Duracable manufactures its drain snakes in-house and keeps its eye on the process through every step. If any of their stocks fail any quality controls, they make a practice of discarding that entire lot. If it carries the Duracable name, you can be sure that it’s going to bring you Duracable quality. There’s no other supplier in the industry that can lay claim to such stellar quality controls.

If that weren’t enough, all of Duracable’s drain snakes are guaranteed for 30 days, which is plenty of time for you to get to know each other. Thirty days in the life of a drain snake are hard-earned days, and you will soon see what kind of quality Duracable manufactures.

2.They’re Compatible With Many Industry Leading Drain Machines
Here’s another great reason that you should put your money in Duracable drain snakes. As if their quality weren’t enough reason, consider the fact that Duracable makes it easy for you to use their drain snakes with many industry-leading drain machines. If you have a drain machine from Ridgid, General Wire, Spartan Tool or Gorlitz, you can use Duracable’s drain snakes right with them. In fact, our equipment is compatible with even more equipment, so to get a better feel for our cross-compatibility, give us a call at 800-247-4081 and let us know what you’re working with.

3.You Can Get Everything Else You Came For
Even if Duracable’s legendary quality controls and cross-compatibility weren’t enough to sway your opinion, you can lean on the fact that Duracable is a one-stop-shop where you can get pretty much anything you need for your drain cleaning business. Come for heavy-duty drain cable, drain cleaner to help with slow drains and for conditioning, or for an auger to manage drain lines clogs, you can find it at Duracable. Duracable offers high quality, reputable, time tested drain machines alongside its drain cables and end fittings like blades. Maybe you were actually just interested in finding some camera inspection equipment to help you with diagnosing issues before you proceed, and Duracable can help you out with that as well. Visit their site at or give them a call at the number listed above to see what they can offer you.

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