Things to See in Dallas -The Economic City

Situated in the heart of “the lone star state” (Texas) is the beautiful city, named after Italian songwriter Lucio Dalla, of Dallas. Spread like a hood of a python, Dallas has the largest metropolitan area in the nation. The irony lies in the fact that despite the largest metropolitan areas that it spreads over, it has the lowest cost of living.

So, if you are looking for the best areas to stay in Dallas, you can easily depend on your wallet, looking for that. Dallas has some beautiful places to venture in and around the city. It seems a perfect place to stay and spend a holiday because it has controlled traffic and excellent availability of transport.

Few things that make Dallas a distinct destination in Texas is something that we are going to discuss now.

Sixth Floor Museum

Have you heard about this museum? You can find it in Dealey Plaza. It is one of the most visited places that offer tangible history. This museum gives a chronological view of various events that happened in John F Kennedy’s life. The building stands on the spot where the president lost his living glory when Lee Harvey Oswald shot him dead. The place commemorates through the memorial and museum present there.

The Reunion Tower

With a height of 171m, the reunion tower has also got its name as “The Ball”. It is the 15th tallest building in Dallas standing in the Downtown district of the city. The construction of this tower was done in 1978 by Welton Becket & Associations, which is an architectural firm. It is not only an observatory but a place for cafes and an instigator to several events and activities.

Dallas Zoo

You have heard about several zoos around, but did you hear about non-profit zoos? Yes, nothing to be surprised of. Since 1833 the Dallas zoon in Texas is functioning as the largest and the oldest zoo that is spread across 106 acres of Dallas land. They seem to have merged the animals and humans by organizing events and programs. The zoo, despite housing 2000 animals of 406 different species, it also has fantastic arrangement for the ones coming to visit. There are proper dining and shopping facilities for the comfort of the visitors. Divided into two parts, North Zoo and wilds of Africa, north zoo is the original zoo which is old and classic. The Wilds of Africa has a tunneled connection with North Zoo from the Clarendon Drive.

Nasher Sculpture Centre

This is located close to Dallas Museum and is spread across 2.4 acres. This sculpture center has preserved several vintage sculptures of Patsy and Raymond Nasher. There are works of Raymond Nasher, Richard Serra, Pablo Picasso, and others. There are monthly events that happen to call for extra attention. Apart from the beauty of sculptures, foodies can gorge on the beauties of several delicacies in Nasher Café.

These are some of the places that you can check out during your stay in Dallas. You might have to shift to Dallas for various reasons, for studies, for holiday, work, and others. When you visit Dallas and have finished your work you can easily find out these places and have an amazing stay at this place.

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