Things to Keep in Mind before Hiring a TPM Consultant

Just as manpower is important for a factory, machine, and equipment too are vital. The entire productivity of a factory or company depends on how efficiently it is functioning. TPM is “Total Productive Maintenance” which aims to improve the functioning the devices utilized at the workplace. The goal of the TPM program is to increase production as well as boost job satisfaction and finally the morale of the employees. Since TPM serves as an important building block of a company, it is essential that it is handled by experienced and efficient professionals. Hiring a TPM consultant for your firm is crucial, therefore. The consultant you hire would indirectly affect your firm’s productivity and thus, it is an important decision to make. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before hiring a consultant for TPM of your firm.  Check out the details below.


For any consultant, you hire for your firm, it is important that you look for the experience that the consultant has in the particular field and more so for TPM. The individual must have enough experience to train the employees effectively. Remember, in the field of consultancy, a solid experience counts since it can ensure the best success rates. Being a niche expert does not mean that the consultant has an industry experience too. Your best bet would be to hire a consultant who can offer you both!


When hiring a consultant, it is very important that you define your goals clearly. The TPM consultant may be knowledgeable and highly experienced but it is most important to give them a clear idea about the goals you have in mind. Sure, the goals would vary from one firm to another. So be very cautious about being on the same page as the outsider i.e. the consultant. Discuss the matter thoroughly and spell out your objectives lucidly so that there is no communication gap to spoil the results.


A consultancy is sure to fail if there is little or no connection between the parties involved. Thus, it is of vital importance for you to ensure that you (representative of the firm) and your consultant connect properly and on all possible levels. The stronger the connection, the easier it will be to achieve the desired objectives and fulfill your target.

Working Style:

Every consultant has a different method of working and a different working style. It is essential that you find out if they are going to suit you and your firm. Clear communication and a bit of flexibility should be an important attribute of the advisor. Be sure to interview the ones eager to take over as a consultant in order to find out whether the working style and method of approach suits you. Evidence of red flags or mismatches is a cause for concern. Think about how it is might affect your firm’s productivity and then decide if you want to hire the consultant or look at another candidate.

Educational Credentials:

Consultancy may be mostly about the experience but educational credentials matter too. Consultants come from varying educational backgrounds but obviously, someone with a background in management studies will have a clear edge over the others. Some might also possess certifications thereby providing additional proof that the individual would be able to work according to the industrial standards. It is therefore recommended that you look into the educational background of a consultant before hiring him /her in order to boost your company’s performance.

Samples and References:

If your consultant has proper experience in the field, it means that he/she has worked with other employers (s) too. Make sure to ask for a reference from the consultant you are about to hire. Get in touch with the referees to discuss various aspects of the consultant. This will help you to arrive at a concrete decision much faster. Also, ask the consultant to supply samples of the previous work done so that you get to assess the quality. Although you might not be privy to all of his past tasks due to the confidentiality clause in his portfolio a simple sample will serve your purpose admirably.


Before you go on a quest for hiring a consultant, sit back and think as to why you would need one. Hiring a consultant is definitely an expensive and time taking endeavor. While it can prove to be really beneficial for the future of the firm, you just need to make sure that the investment is going to worthwhile in the long run. In other words, will you get a good ROI?

Total Productive Management is the only thing that stands between total success or total failure of your firm in today when competition is rife with hundreds trying to outdo the others in the race. TPM has been proved to be most crucial and helpful in boosting the productivity and efficacy of the company though. It has proved to be highly effective across industries and even in the corporate world. The employees should also be convinced about the necessity of TPM training for their own sakes. They must also be convinced that this is not just another month-long program but a program that would be responsible for their job satisfaction and the betterment of their firm. Make sure that you follow the guidelines stated above and find the TPM consultant best suited to take your firm forward. TPM can be seen as a pillar that fosters a stronger relationship between man and machine for improved and increased productivity. The program is also responsible for improving the ownership of equipment and their continuous upkeep. When everyone involved in the TPM program plays their part properly as and when required, the program is sure to provide higher returns than any other investment that has ever been made by the firm. Make sure that you find the correct consultant for your firm and lay a strong TPM foundation today.