Things to eat and shop in Rajasthan

The jewel of Indian crown, land of Maharajas, medieval forts, palaces, and colorful festivals. The famous golden triangle is incomplete without Jaipur, the Pink city whole city which is painted in terracotta pink.

Rajasthan offers different type of tourist destinations, Thar desert Jaisalmer is a delight for adventure seekers, the street of Jodhpur is tempting for art lovers, Ranthambore National Park is perfect for nature and animal lovers, Pushkar, Ajmer is famous pilgrimage sites, Lovely Udaipur in the backdrop of Aravalli and Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan are most sought locations and part of Rajasthan honeymoon packages.

Many more places are there to explore with lots of delicious foods that you can enjoy while on your shopping spree for amazing art, crafts, traditional attires & accessories.

Rajasthani platter is among those rare platters that have a plethora of dishes, starting with tangy drink Aam Pana to spicy starters along with the delicious vegetables, bread with extra ghee, chutneys, pickles, Papad, and Chhach and rich crunchy delight that melt in your mouth instantly, the yummy dessert.

The food in Rajasthan is influenced by the scarcity of vegetables and water. Still, every state has its own trademark dish because the hunting expeditions of the royals and rich have given rise to the range of innovative dishes and ingredients that can last for several days such as the use of beans, dried lentils, green chilies, milk, and buttermilk are common in their cooking.

They are a pioneer in making a simple dish look different & taste amazing while using lots of oil and red chilies because it reduces the need for water and help in keeping food preserved. Let’s get an overview of the most popular Rajasthani dishes.

Dal Bati & Churma

The iconic dish of Rajasthan, which is a hot favorite among all. The dish is a sumptuous combination of baked Bati, Batis are crispy round-shaped dumplings soft from inside and dipped in ghee served along with spicy Daal and sweet jaggery mixed Churma. If you have not tasted this dish while you are in Rajasthan, your trip is incomplete.

Gatte ki Sabzi

Gatte is the local name given to the dumplings made from black gram flour (Besan). The Besan balls are cooked in gravy of tomato, buttermilk and different spices which results in delightful lip-smacking tangy taste. It can be served with both Indian bread (roti) and rice. Rajasthani thali is not complete without Gatte ki Sabzi.

Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri is especially popular in desert districts of Jaisalmer, Bikaner, and Jodhpur because it is made up of Ker a wild berry which is spicy and sangria a type of dried beans famous in these deserts. It’s a spicy dish, kind of pickle which goes well with different foods, but most famous in combination with Bajra roti.

Papad Ki Subzi

The desert land, less rain which means fewer vegetables, but their love for spices and delicious food help them in innovating new dishes. Papad Ki Sabji is one of those greatest innovations to quench their love for delicious food. The roasted Papads are broken in pieces and mixed with the gravy made up of gram flour, chili powder, turmeric, and coriander leaves. Served with Indian bread.

Laal & Safed Maas (Mutton)

The Laal mass is the most famous non-veg dishes of Rajasthan, a combination of mutton, hot spices, and lots of red chilies, served with Hot Baajra Chapatis and rice.

Safed mass is another famous non-veg dish prepared in milk gravy, cream, curd, and cashew paste.

Pyaz Kachori

When we talk about snacks, Mirchi Bada & Pyaaz Kachori top the list in Rajasthan. You can find them anywhere in India, but the taste and quality will not match. Mirchi Bada is a spicy cutlet made up of potato and chili stuffing, Pyaaz Kachori, on the other hand, is made up of onions, potatoes, and spice’s filling, both served with mint chutney and tomato sauce. One of the most famous street foods and in some shops, you will find them served with spicy Aloo Sabzi.


It’s a disc-shaped desert or sweet, which is made up of ghee, flour, paneer, and sugar syrup. It comes in a different variety, Malai Ghevar, Mava Ghevar or Plain Ghevar, you can select as per your preference.

Once you are done with filling your tummy and quench your thirst for mouth-watering food, it’s time to burn some calorie and go on a shopping spree. Rajasthan is all about colors, so the best things to buy from the city is colorful paintings, carpets, Pottery, leather goods, spices, and royal jewelry.

Jewelry and Gemstones

Rajasthan is a hub of jewelry manufacturing and hand cut gems, with the varieties and unique silver, gold, Kundan, Meena, and carved trinkets. Also, it’s the largest market for hand-cut gems Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, Garnets, Amethyst, Topaz, and many more. If you have booked Rajasthan honeymoon packages, then it’s a good option for a gift to make your partner happy and loved.

Lehariya Sari

These most famous design that comes in two shades with a wide range of color combination, material as well as price range. Lehariya is derived from the word Lehar which means waves because the saree has a pattern of waves and it looks amazing. Do buy a few for yourself and also a good option to gift your friends & relatives.

Carpets & Paintings

Rajasthan is the only place where you will get a wide range of ethnic carpets in India because it’s the major manufacturer. The incredible color of the carpets easily catches the eye and travelers are tempted to buy at least one for their home. Miniature paintings made by Rajasthani painters portraying the royal and romantic life of Mughals are perfect if you want a make-over of your drawing room.


Shopping is fun in Rajasthan with lots of options to shop around. But your shopping is not complete until you will not go to the spice markets to buy some aromatic spices from the city known as “king of spices”.  It is also famous for pickles, chutneys, and Papads that must be tried and packed some for home.

While in Rajasthan, keep some extra time in your bucket for shopping and get ready to put some calories while trying local tempting street foods.