Best Things that we buy on Christmas 2020

The weather might be cooling down, but the shopping season is about to heat up. And if you’re beginning to wonder what dropshipping products you should sell for Christmas 2020, we’ve got you covered.
Below we’ve revealed a list of items we believe have a high potential for the 2020 Christmas season. The products in this list were picked after reviewing the hottest products from Christmas 2020, using Oberlo product statistics to discover the top products from August to September 2020, and applying our entrepreneurial know-how.
Join us as we explore why it’s important to start preparing for Christmas early, what products you should consider, and how you can market them.
In addition to being the most wonderful time of the year, the Christmas shopping season is also a massive spending period. It’s the biggest spending period in many countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.
In the US alone, the 2018 winter holiday season– which stretches from Black Friday to Christmas-– reached $998 billion in sales. And while a big chunk of this money was spent at physical stores, a staggering $124 billion was spent online.
With all this cash up for grabs, you can understand why retailers want to release their Christmas stock as early as possible– the holiday season means sales. But while Christmas seems to creep forward each year, the real kick-off to the holiday spending season is always Black Friday.
Arriving the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is a massive shopping event. Software company Salesforce projected that 2019 Black Friday sales would reach $7.4 billion in the US alone. This is 16 percent higher than the sales record of 2018.
Black Friday has traditionally been an American event, in recent years it has gained traction worldwide– as has its online equivalent, Cyber Monday.
Responsible for $9.2 billion in American sales, Cyber Monday is the chance for online businesses (that’s you!) to compete with brick and mortar stores and offer unbeatable discounts. It is without a doubt one of the most important days of the year for eCommerce.
With all this cash just waiting to be spent, here are some products that could help you get a slice of the Christmas turkey.

1. Personalized Necklaces

Everyone loves gifts that feel intimate and unique, so it’s no wonder personalized necklaces are a favorite with shoppers.
These necklaces were incredibly popular for Christmas 2017, 2018, and 2018. Looking at Google Trends over the last two years you can see that searches for personalized necklaces regularly spike in the two months leading up to Christmas you can get the best deal on Etsy

2. Cozy Blankets

With the winter weather raging outdoors, there’s nothing better than wrapping up warm, which is why blankets are a great choice for Christmas products.
Blankets might seem like an odd Christmas gift, but in reality, there are a lot of factors that make them easy to sell to customers. They’re practical, last for a long time, and come in a range of styles– whether that’s fun mermaid tails, chunky knits, or even ridiculous burrito print.
All of these considerations make it easier to convince potential customers that a blanket is a thoughtful Christmas gift. Plus, if search trends are any indication, investing in a comfy blanket will already be on many minds in December–
google trends data showing the popularity of ‘blankets’ over 5 years, peaking in winter when advertising your product, using YouTube or video ads is a great way to show off any unique feature your blankets have, such as sleeves or pockets. Remember to mention how your blankets will help your customers– they’re not just decorative and nice to look at, they’ll keep them warm over the winter months. Well You can get the best deal from Ebay
Sure, receiving a bunch of flowers from your partner is nice, but what about a colorful rose whose bloom will never die? Now that’s the next level.
These foil flowers are a hot product right now and we can see them remaining popular over the shopping season when many people are searching for gifts for significant others.
Additionally, many of the suppliers available on Oberlo know that presentation is important and each rose comes in a pretty box that protects the item during shipping and looks good.
There are clever ways you could market this product such as using social media influencers to create jealousy-inducing posts about receiving the item as a gift from their partners. Facebook and Instagram are a good place to advertise– and be sure to target people in relationships.

Dog Jumpers

Everyone loves dog and people really wants to buy the best dog Christmas jumpers If we talk about the trends then you can clearly see on google trends is that in the month of November and December people excitedly buy a dog jumpers and its shows that this would be most selling products on Christmas.

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