Therapies to Reduce Depression among Teenagers in Schools

Nowadays, It is necessity that students should not be bulked up with the chunks of academic tasks but in spite of that, they should be indulged in the extracurricular activities so that they feel refreshed and energized to continue their flow of work in the schools. This will not only enhance their progress in the academics but also makes them healthier and happier.

In some cases, it has been seen that the students get depressed and traumatized when they get array of class works to be done at a time. In this process, their health suffers and also, they become mentally weak. So, in the schools, the students who are unable to handle the pressure and tension or who are very soft and tender minds should be given some therapies along with their studies. So that they may become efficient in their academics and other chore areas of their lives. They may also avail ‘write my essay for me‘ services online or see the types of therapies that can be provided to the students to low down their depression, anxieties, and worries.

A. Meditating and yoga sessions – Meditation is the best technique for preventing all kinds of headaches. There should be the meditation sessions and yoga classes available to students free of costs. This will help the students to cope up with the headaches to a large extent.

B. Medical sessions – The best thing schools can do is to hold medical sessions where they can teach the students the causes of headaches like some headaches and worries come out of flu, colds, strep throat, etc. They should be told the ways how they can cope up with the stress and anxiety fever. For example, the students can do Yoga, meditation in their free time.

C. Art therapy – This is the best way to escape from the depression and headache. Teenagers should be given free art sessions. There are so many activities related to art like crafting, pot painting, candle making. Get the teenagers involved in these activities. This will definitely be helping the students to relieve the stress.

D. Mindful eating or Diet counseling sessions – The students who are caught up by the mental depressions and worries, one way to solve their problem is to teach them what should be their daily food intakes and what things they can avoid to overcome tensions. Some major reasons for headaches are our eating habits too. Like the intake of caffeine on high amount, alcohol and smoking. So, the students should be taught what would be the implications if they will consume these things.

E. Relaxing and jam Therapy– The students should be provided with the jam sessions and relaxing sessions at schools at intervals. There should be 3 or 4 periods in the weekly time table of the classwork where students can stay relaxed and enjoy the jam music or jazz music and feel peaceful and energized. This is the best therapy the schools can introduce in their sessions. As you may have listened “Music is the ultimate healer of all the sorrows and depressions.”

F. Exercise sessions – In order to remain fit and healthy, exercising is very important as exercising reduces stress and improves your sleep. Exercise sessions should be devised at schools so that teenagers develop a habit of exercising daily. While exercising, the body releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. Exercising the eyes is also crucial. It will help in improving the vision of the students which is the major cause for headaches.

G. Posture counseling – Some headaches happen due to bad postures, so while giving medical sessions, the teenagers should also be taught to improve their postures. They should be taught about the sleeping postures also.

H. Other therapies – Applying heat at the spine for the cervical patients, for example, heating pads, ice packs for relieving muscle pains. Hot showers may also help in reducing headaches. The school management system should start giving these services in their schools.

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