The world’s first all-electric supercar! MMM Azani travels at 350 mph and has a range of 700 kilometres

The MMM Azani, India’s first electric supercar, will be able to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in less than two seconds.

It will be the world’s fastest electric vehicle. Isn’t that mind-boggling?! Here are all of the specifics, including the planned debut date as well as the anticipated price range.

In India, there are a plethora of Automobile Investment startups. The Indian automotive business is primarily concerned with the service, dealership, financing, and maintenance of automobiles, among other things.

For those of you who have been fantasising about driving an electric supercar in India, we have some exciting news for you! Its parent company, Mean Metal Motors Private Limited, is presently working on the development of Azani, which will be India’s first and only production-ready electric supercar.

The business was formed in 2012 by Sarthak Paul, and the brand was established in 2014 to manufacture India’s first and only production high-performance electric supercar that would integrate state-of-the-art futuristic and technical advancements, according to the MMM report.

To get into the specifics of the product, MMM Azani will be priced at a beginning point of USD 1,20,000, which is about Rs 89 lakh in Indian currency.

In terms of realistic pricing, whenever the MMM Azani is released in India, it will be available for purchase for less than Rs 1.5 crores.

In terms of startup investment, manufacturers are still pushing the envelope to the extreme limits of the possible.

In a Seed Funding by incubator Venture Catalyst, OTO Capital, a platform that enables you to buy a vehicle quicker than ever before, received Rs 5 crore in early funding.

The firm also said that the Azani would have more than 1000 horsepower, which will allow it to complete a 0 to 100 kmph sprint in less than two seconds.

The maximum speed of India’s first electric supercar is expected to reach close to 350 kilometres per hour (kmph). Speaking of range, MMM estimates that the Azani will be able to go between 550 and 700 kilometres on a single full charge.

Now, we understand that you have been anxiously awaiting the debut of this supercar on the market for quite some time. As a response, MMM affirms that the first engineered prototype of the Azani will be released in the second half of 2022, which is far ahead of schedule.

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