The What and How of Cherished Registrations!

Are you a car enthusiast who loves automobiles more than anything else? If you love cars and have already bought your dream car, you will no doubt be thinking about customizing your car according to your preferences. Your car speaks volumes about your personality and your outlook on life. While many people think of customizing the interior, it is the exterior of your car that speaks volumes about you to other people. Your car makes a statement about you. If you are a car enthusiast it will be something that you are proud to own. Your car is always a reflection of you. It’s fair to say that the more personalized the car is, the better you will feel about your car.

When you start thinking about changing the look of your car, you may focus on changing the color, the glass, the wheels, and many other of the main features of the car according to your personal preference. What if we tell you that these significant changes are not what you really need for maximum impact? The greatest impact will come from a change to your car number plate. Changing your car’s number plate may seem like a small change, but it makes a significant change to the whole identity of the car. The easiest way of making your car stand out from the rest of the lot is to get cherished registrations for it.

If you do not know what a cherished registration is, then this article is for you. Read on to know why cherished registrations are also a good investment for you and your car.


Cherished registrations are vintage number plates that do not have a specific year identifier. These are often referred to as dateless registrations for this reason. These registrations were issued to vehicles before 1963, after which the year of issue of the registration was specified. While cherished number plates ceased after 1963, their vintage quality and historical format made them sought after among number plate enthusiasts and investors alike. People will often seek cherished registrations to display their initials or name. Cherished registrations are shorter in format than the current style of number plates. These shorter numbers make more sense instead of the random numbers you get in a standard number plate. The fascination with cherished registrations is not something new. It has been around since the mid 1900s and still remains a strong interest amongst car enthusiasts and investors.

The History of Cherished number plates

The first car number plate registration issued to a vehicle in the UK was in the year 1903. From the start, special, cherished numbers were being created. In fact, one Earl Russell camped out in front of the registration office in the City of London on the first day registration numbers were issued. The reason? Earl Russell wanted the first ever issued registration number A1 for his vehicle. Cherished registrations are about the distinctive format of these early dateless numbers and the history associated with them. Because these numbers are short and distinctive they make a vehicle stand out. The first ever registration number A1 epitomizes this sentiment. Interestingly, the number 1 continues to be the most sought after number amongst cherished and personalized number plates, whether of a dateless format or not.

The interest in the number 1 is because it is easily recognizable and it creates a shorter number when displayed on the vehicle. People also tend to associate number 1 with success and unique traits. Securing number plates with a single number 1 is a difficult task because it is such a coveted number plate and there are less of them available. That said, there are many places from where you can buy exclusive cherished number plates. There are established and trusted dealers who trade cherished registrations. Many of these dealers are recognized by government bodies as DVLA Resellers. Using an established and trusted dealer will provide you with the safest means for acquiring a cherished registration.

Buying and selling cherished registrations

Buying a cherished registration provides you with a style statement whilst allowing you to benefit from the kudos of owning a rare asset. As we know rare items tend to have high monetary values, and unique and distinctive cherished registrations have high monetary values. Trends in values suggest that the cherished number plate you buy today will increase in value over time and you will be able to sell it for a profit. The values of cherished number plates can see plates sold for 10’s of thousands increase to 100’s of thousands within a few years. Selling a cherished number plate is made easier by dealers that trade in exclusive numbers. Having your cherished number valued by a reputable broker is recommended before deciding your price.

Remember the A1 number plate we discussed earlier? The demand for that particular plate continues to be unprecedented as it is one of the most desireable cherished registrations in the world. When you have an opportunity to buy a cherished number plate of personal interest at an affordable cost, do not delay buying it. These vintage plates add a unique identity to your car. So before you opt for a total makeover of your car, consider a simple number plate change instead and increase the value of your car.

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