The unbeatable performance of Bridgestone tyres

A reliable tyre brand is the one that offers durability and longevity. Replacement of tyres is a huge investment and the product you receive should be worth the money you spend. There are loads of brands in the market but which one to choose?

The answer is simple, you shortlist the one that fits your pocket and still provides the performance you desire. While talking of a reliable tyre company, Bridgestone tops the list. The company has made a reputable name in the industry. It never fails to amuse us with the unmatched products. It employs the latest technologies to produce standard quality products.

About Bridgestone

Bridgestone America is a product of two leading companies- Firestone Tyre & Rubber Company and the Bridgestone Tyre Company Ltd. These two companies merged in 1988 and became the world’s largest tyre manufacturing brand. 

Why Bridgestone?

You must be wondering why this company is so popular? Bridgestone Tyres is one of the leading brands and there are various reasons behind its popularity.  

  • Environment-friendly: The company tries its best to stay friendly to the environment. The materials used are not harmful to nature and it also makes sure that most products are recycled. Bridgestone has taken the responsibility to conserve nature. It holds various environmental education and conservation programs to educate the employees. It also tries to regulate and minimise the waste produced during the manufacturing process.
  • Reduced CO2 and other emissions: The biggest concern to human health and the environment are the harmful gases emitted while driving. The tyres sold by Bridgestone Tyres Walsall are made of special rubber. It reduces the amount of CO2 and other harmful gases. These gases can harm the human respiratory system if inhaled for a long duration of time. 
  • Quality and performance: The engineers employed at the company keep rediscovering innovations to enhance the products. The performance you get is excellent. They do not compromise with the quality of the material. Though the tyres come with a heavy price tag, they last longer than most other brands. This means that you save money in the long run. 

Technologies used in tyres

  • POTENZA summer tyres: The tyres manufactured under this technology are awesome. These ultra-high performance tyres give you an unbeatable performance on the street and track. These tyres have circumferential grooves to improve responsive power and handling. They also shield the vehicle from hydroplaning, giving you safer rides in the rainy season.
  • POTENZA all-season tyres: The tyres are known to provide a strong grip in all the seasons. The handling and ultra-high performance you experience with these Tyres Walsall are what make them worth buying. The specially designed tread helps you corner at high speeds with comfort.  
  • TURANZA Quiettrack: This is an all-season tyre by Bridgestone. The USP of this product is its ability to provide silent rides. No one likes to hear those uncomfortable noises while driving. This tyre has been designed to minimise the driving noises to a great extent. The tyre also performs well in wet and snowy conditions, providing you with the required amount of traction and grip.

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