The Top 4 Social Media Tools For Your Everyday Work

It is no longer a secret that millions of people spend several hours a day on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Co. It is therefore logical that corporate social media spending is increasing. In addition to the increasing number of social media platforms, the number of tools designed to make everyday work easier and to exploit the potential that these media have to offer is also growing. It is difficult to decide which one really brings added value. In this post I will share my top 3 social media tools that will make your day-to-day work easier. Read until the end, there is still a bonus tip waiting for you.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Buffer – The social media timer

If you want to operate several channels professionally, you should use a planning tool such as Buffer . This helps to plan social media posts for several social networks from one view. It is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to lose track of everything despite many tasks and who want to get the most out of social media. In addition, you have the option of various software to integrate . The result: You save a lot of time in everyday work and you can see at a glance which posts were particularly successful and thus have a success check. Another advantage is that it can be handed over to other colleagues more quickly, since all planned contributions can be managed in the tool and displayed to everyone.

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is one of the most popular social media feed widgets that work perfectly well with all kinds of websites. It is also a social media aggregator and a hub apart from being a real-time widget tool that lets you add hashtags to design dynamic social wall by combining content from all social media channels.

Through Taggbox Widget one can include social media feeds from various social media networks and display UGC content on a website. It also lets you manage a particular space for business sponsors that brings extra revenue and trust in the long run.

Apart from this, Taggbox has content moderation features, both auto and manual for social media feed. You can customize the design and appearance of the social wall with Taggbox unique themes and customization features that comes with an array of colors, fonts, backgrounds, custom logos, etc.

Taggbox backs up CTA buttons that encourage instant clicks by website visitors to a featured post or a link. The Taggbox social media widget also has a ‘Direct Purchase Post’ that calls for your visitors to directly purchase products with buttons placed on posts.

With an exceptional built-in campaign analytics feature, Taggbox provides regular reports on how well content is performing in terms of reach and engagement.

Sprout Social – the CRM tool

Similar to buffer you offers Sprout Social out diverse social networks centrally to manage . In addition to this application, there are many other useful functions, which is why it is also called a CRM tool. By creating and managing customers, it is easier to establish contact with them and maintain the relationship. Furthermore, you created the tool to automate reporting and analysis on the success of the social web. Practical if you want to optimize your social media marketing.

With the tracking of trends, hashtags, influencers and Co. on Twitter , it makes it easier for you to play up-to-date topics and create really relevant posts. What makes things even easier: Tasks can be easily assigned in a team and content can be marked so that they are available for editing later and are not forgotten.

However, these many functions also have their proud price. Unfortunately there is no free version to test the whole thing. Nevertheless, I can recommend Sprout Social to anyone who works professionally in a team or even cross-team social media and does not want to do without strategic processing.

Talkwalker – The social media search engine

Talkwalker is the right place for anyone who does social media marketing and wants to measure its impact . This tool will help you keep an eye on the competition. It collects data that is then classified in sentiments and listed in reporting . Depending on your interests, individual dashboards and analyzes can be created at freely selected intervals. IQ Apps help you to have all relevant data at a glance and to optimize the behavior on the Internet. For example, the tool can be used to prepare crisis management, monitor campaigns, track hashtags, etc.

Talkwalker employees also provide training to familiarize themselves with the tool at the beginning and to get to know all functions and adapt them optimally.

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