The Most Suitable Tyre for Your Vehicle

Choosing the most appropriate tyres for your vehicle can be a hard decision without enough knowledge. Having complete detailed information on any tyre is important as they are the ultimate aspect of your vehicle that can impact its performance and overall functionality. So, paying special attention to the type of tyre while buying a set of tyres is crucial because there are hundreds of tyres available for a variety of model cars.

With betterment in technology, the new tyres are getting manufactured especially for modern cars with unique features. Although the main purpose of Tyres Leicester is to provide safety and create the only link between road and the vehicle. Other than that all the additional functions are to enhance the working condition of your vehicle.

It is important to realize that certain factors matter while buying tyres

  • The weather of the place you live in
  • Road condition of the place you have to drive

These two points are very important as they impact the life and functionality of your tyres.

Different Types of Tyres That You Can Choose From-

Summer Tyres– You likely have a pair of summer tyres as modern cars are fitted with these tyres only. So these are the tyres that are specifically used in the hot and dry season. Due to its physical and chemical properties, it is not fit enough to be used in any other season. The rubber of the tyres is made with natural and synthetic rubber that makes it compatible enough to be used on dry and hot road surfaces. The tread of the tyre is the large blocked shape that leaves a bigger footprint on the road to provide better handling and stability. Also prevents the aquaplaning and disperses accumulated water on the road making way for the movement.

Winter Tyres– Your winter tyres are majorly used in places with heavy snowfall and extreme winters. The surface of the tyre is made with only natural rubber that gives the tyres enough softness to sustain grip and traction in icy road conditions. The tread of the tyre is deeply closely packed with tiny sipes and grooves to flush away the snow. This kind of tread pattern helps in preventing aquaplaning and also disperses the excess amount of snow from the road. Sipes and grooves help in sustaining the grip even in snow-covered and wet road conditions.

All-Season Tyres– If you live in someplace with moderate seasonal changes, then all-season tyres can be the alternative for seasonal tyres. This tyre is a combination of both winter and summer tyres, all the physical and chemical properties of these tyres make them compatible to be used all year round. It is therefore a very smart move to use these tyres and eliminate the hassle of switching tyres. The only drawback of the all-season tyre is the performance of these tyres is not matched as compared to seasonal tyres. You cannot use these tyres if you see more than a few heavy snowfalls, these tyres will not be able to deliver excellent performance and the deriving experience will also be reduced.

4×4 Tyres– These tyres are used when you plan on off-roading. 4×4 Tyres Leicester has a thick shallow tread that helps in off-road driving. The size of the tyre is big to provide a larger surface in connection with the. The larger footprint provides better handling on abrasive and rough roads. They are commonly used by people who travel often because off-road tyres cannot be used on tarmac terrains.

All-Terrain Tyres– These tyres can be used in regular cars for driving on any kind of surface, be it tarmac, off-road, rough, muddy. This is the best quality of these tyres, using these tyres in ordinary cars will help you enhance the performance and you will not have to change the tyres before traveling.

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