The Knife Connection Has Reliable Bushcraft Knives

When your aim is to cultivate your bushcraft skills so that you’re never unprepared in the field, you’ll want to find the Best Bushcraft Knife you can get your hands on to help you build shelters, start fires, clean harvested game, and many more bushcraft tasks. While it can be tough to say what the best bushcraft knife is, but without a doubt, you’ll find many great examples for a bushcraft companion at The Knife Connection.

While a knife with a high carbon steel blade will require more attention and maintenance than most knives with a stainless steel blade, they can be treated to be harder and stronger than most of the competition. As a result, many bushcraft knives with 1095 and 1075 steel blades will be very strong and offer great edge retention. You might also be looking for a knife with G10 handles or a micarta handle because those materials are highly resilient to wear and remarkably tough. A good bushcraft knife should have the qualities of edge retention, comfort and a mix of features that will make your pursuit of bushcraft skills more enjoyable and attainable.

A favorite bushcraft knife in many circles is the TOPS BOB Fieldcraft knife. You’ll find several variants of it at The Knife Connection, but each model offers the user features that are indispensable in the bush. The TOPS BOB Fieldcraft knife offers many bushcraft friendly features and can be a very valuable tool in the woods. Its 1095 blade is impressively strong and hard for superb edge retention. This knife will stay sharp for a while – its modified Scandi grind helps with edge retention and even make the edge stouter and relatively easy to sharpen as well. A common problem with using a knife to strike ferrocerium rods is that the blade can sometimes get in its own way when striking. Well, this knife features a scraper on the pommel that makes it ideal to safely and effectively direct the sparks from a ferrocerium rod into your tinder. Speaking of fire, this knife also features a bow drill divot for to serve as a bearing block for bushcrafters who are serious about primitive fire making. The nearly frictionless micarta will accept your spindle and help make your bow drill fire making easier. It offers a whole lot of features for one knife, and all with the vision of bushcrafting utility in mind.

Another contender for the title of “best bushcraft knife” is the LT Wright Genesis with an O1 blade and saber grind. At The Knife Connection, you can find this model with quite a few varieties of material for scales, though the basic platform remains the same. It’s a simple rounded handle that makes it easy to use the knife in a variety of grips, and the 90-degree spine makes it easy for you to strike sparks or scrape shavings. It’s the right size for tasks dremanding fine precision but not too small to use for medium bushcraft tasks such as batoning kindling, making tent stakes or field dressing a deer. . Overall, it’s a very versatile knife.

These, however, are only two options for great knives you could bring with you into the woods and fields to hone your bushcraft skills. Knives like the TOPS Mini Scandi Folder and TOPS Scandi Woodsman are also great choices to bring into the bush, although these are more specialized blades that would be better reserved for finer tasks like carving, whittling, and food preparation. Yet all of these knives are easily available at and many more excellent options for practicing bushcraft tasks are there as well. Visit today to find your next bushcraft knife.

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