The Knife Connection Has Great Eastern Cutlery Knives

If you’re looking for a traditional pocket knife, there are probably quite a few names that pop into your head. You may be interested in stashing that pocket knife in your pants pocket for every day carry or you might just be looking for an attractive, American made, hand-finished pocket knife to serve as a backup blade for camping or fieldwork. Maybe you just want to add a beautiful pocket knife to your knife collection. Regardless of your purposes, one of these makers is Great Eastern Cutlery. Located in Titusville, Pennsylvania, Great Eastern Cutlery produces some of the most attractive and functional pocket knives for classic rugged quality and old school appeal.

Great Eastern Cutlery Knives are offered in a variety of classic and proven patterns like the barlow and toothpick patterns for form and function. They are finished off with attractive jigged bone or micarta scales and nickel or brass bolsters and fittings to make them easy on the eyes. They’re also unique in that their knives offer the user the utility of 1095 blades, stronger and harder than most stainless steels. Their construction and aesthetics make them some of the most popular knives for utility, hunting, and every day carry and for good reason. They’re perfect for the little tasks and chores you’ll run across every day no matter where every day takes you.

If you want American made quality in a classic pocket knife, then Great Eastern Cutlery Knives give you much to love, and you’ll find many popular patterns at The Knife Connection. Take a look at the Great Eastern Cutlery Tidioute #38 Special. You can find this handsome knife with Tractor Green Jig Bone, Red Linen Micarta or Mexican Bocote scales, depending on your preference of style and function. Its ergonomic lines make it easy to stash in a pocket and even easier to get back out, with no corners to hang up on any fabric. Not only enjoyable to behold, this knife is great to have in your pocket when those daily cutting tasks come up.

Another model you might be looking for is Great Eastern Cutlery’s Tidioute Huckleberry Boy’s Knife #15. Very similar in style to a Barlow patterned knife, this handy little blade is available with Green Linen Micarta, Gabon Ebony Scales or Antique Yellow Jig Bone Scales. Each version available at The Knife Connection offers a classic ball and chain for easy retention that not only looks good but will keep your knife within easy reach and prevent accidental loss. The rounded design of this model makes it comfortable to handle and the versatility of its spear point blade gives the blade a little extra strength over a clip point, making this knife suitable not just for cutting but for piercing chores. Like the above model and most Great Eastern Cutlery Knives, the blade and springs are made of 1095 steel for exceptional strength and resilience.

So whether you’re interested in one of these pieces by Great Eastern Cutlery or you’re looking for a different model, call up the team at The Knife Connection at 1-866-336-2834 or email them at You’ll find many classic pocket knives and equally impressive fixed blades waiting for you at The Knife Connection. Better yet, you’ll be able to find many other examples of fine tools from LT Wright, ESEE and more at The Knife Connection. Shipping is fast and the customer service can’t be beaten. Visit today to find your next pocket knife from Great Eastern Cutlery for everyday carry, and maybe a few accessories too.

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