The Importance of Independent Midwives Insurance

There are many reasons why prospective parents might engage the services of an independent midwife. Some couples wish to embark on the journey of pregnancy and birth with a midwife they trust, a midwife who understands their family situation, their motives, their choices, their wishes, and their needs. Many families have researched their birth options and understand that having a familiar midwife minimizes the likelihood of unnecessary intervention and increases their chance at a natural birth.

Midwives serve an essential function within our society. Pregnancy and birth are significant moments in a woman’s life. A midwife’s holistic and natural approach helps reconnect women with their basic maternal instincts. From attempts at pregnancy to the discovery of conception, and well into the post-natal period, midwives focus on the overall wellness of both mother and child. Midwives often spend more one-on-one time dealing with a mother’s specific concerns than traditional healthcare providers.

For an independent midwife, the insurance conversation can be jarring because of the close emotional bond fostered by the work. But there is no room for error in healthcare. Healthcare professionals need an Independent Midwives Insurance policy that meets the needs of their business. XINSURANCE fills in the gaps that other insurance providers miss, covering malpractice, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, directors and officers liability, commercial general liability, alleged sexual abuse and molestation liability, exclusions on current policy, and excess coverage.

Childbirth can be a time of difficult decision making for any midwife, and XINSURANCE wants to make sure that you’re protected.

Take the case of Amy Herbst, a singer with the Nashville Opera Company. According to a UK Independent article titled by Christopher Hooton, when Amy decided to have a child, she enlisted the help of a midwife who, during a protracted labor period, performed an episiotomy – a procedure used by midwives to prevent, or preclude, vaginal tearing. According to Amy, this procedure was performed without her knowledge or consent, and she continued to have issues with the incision site after leaving the hospital. The episiotomy caused her flatulence and incontinence that made performing all but impossible, and, in the end, Amy was no longer able to work. She then sued the midwife.

That’s a fairly extreme case, but XINSURANCE is here to cover all contingencies, however improbable. Our in-depth underwriting approach and engaging risk management discussions are engineered to best protect the insured. We provide customized coverage using an all-in-one approach to help you attain independent midwives insurance by employing a team of underwriters, claims managers, policy services staff, and risk managers who identify gaps, exclusions within coverage, and offer solutions for specialty insurance protection. We also provide flexible underwriting, risk management expertise, and a 24/7 claims hotline.

XINSURANCE uses independent midwives insurance to defend your interests and protect your financial stability. We are a solid partner committed to providing defense and protection up to $10MM. With all of the pressure that comes with work, why not find the coverage that provides some measure of financial protection? Whether you need a customized insurance policy for an entire company or simply a unique policy for yourself or others, XINSURANCE provides insurance tailored to your needs.

A child is precious, as is a mother, and we all do our best to provide them the best care possible. But, we live in a litigious society. Consider carrying independent midwives insurance to protect your assets, home, and financial well-being.

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