The Dream of a Car for the Expecting Woman

The modern era has made all of us concentrate more on materialistic things. The most important of them are a car and a home. Owning a car would take prominence over owning a home as a house can be rented, but a car can’t, so almost every one of us has a dream of buying a car. The ones who don’t have it, desire to buy a small hatchback, while the ones who already own a car, they dream of getting a bigger, fancier and more luxurious vehicle. After all, we can never be satiated.

But there is a glitch in this dream, purchasing a car is a very costly affair. Not many of us can afford to pay for the same at once. 95% of car owners get it financed through a bank or a direct lender. Here, a question comes to my mind; what about the people that are not considered as appropriate borrowers by these finance providers? Will their wish never come to fruition?

Amongst whom is the need for a vehicle the most prevalent?

Before delving into the answer, you need to understand that wanting something and needing it are two very different things. You may want to go and watch a movie, but you will need money for that. You may want to have a backyard in your home, but having a roof over your head is a need. Once this difference is clear, the answer to the posed question becomes quite clear. It is the pregnant woman who need a car the most. But why? Let me explain it better.

  • The women, who are in their third trimester, suffer from swollen feet and joints. For them walking becomes a chore. They find it difficult to even walk to the end of their street so walking to work and doctor appointments are out of the equation.
  • Taking public transport, like the bus and the tube, involves climbing stairs. Sometimes they don’t even get a vacant seat, so they keep standing until their stop arrives. This becomes an ordeal in itself for these ladies.
  • The last option is to take a taxi. Even though it will be the most convenient for this demographic, everyday travelling expenses will be drastically high. Compared to it, the gas money on a car would be in pennies.

Irrespective of their need, for the expecting women, buying a car is more complicated than the rest of us.

How possible is it for them to get financed?

Pregnant women find it very difficult to maintain steady employment in the second half of their pregnancy. It is not only because for them sitting at the workplace for long hours becomes a tedious task, but also because of the constant prejudice against them. Not many employees will hire a pregnant lady.

As a repercussion, their income sources dwindle. Apart from the government aid and a low paying part-time job, they don’t have many options. A low earning household usually submerges itself in debt. The expenses become impossible with no way out.

Imagine you are pregnant, with no family or partner, nobody to share the financial burden. Your employer has asked you to go on maternity leave since your presence was not very fruitful for him. You only have government benefits to sail you through this sea of terror. In such a scenario, there will not be many people to save you from the financial crisis. The terrifying part is that once the baby comes, the expenses will only rise. You will need more finances to pay for them.

In these times, you will be at the mercy of a lender. Banks will most definitely not entertain you. But there are very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker will be involved as the middleman. A low income usually entails a low credit score. Therefore, these loans become your answer to the money problem.

Apart from this, there is one other option you can avail of. Doorstep loans like Provident become a great help. A loan like this is specially introduced for the demographic, whose financial needs are disregarded by banks and other financial institutions. The best part is that the expecting does not have to go anywhere to get the amount. The agent comes and delivers the good news along with the money to the borrower.

So the dream of getting can become a reality. The pregnant woman can easily commute to wherever she may want to go. Once the baby is born, she can bring it home in her car bought with her own money that she will soon repay, once she gets back on her feet. A loan is always a temporary solution, and you have to return it one day. It is up to you how you manage it, and keep yourself from sinking in the financial sea.

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