The Brilliant History of Size 15 Socks

Believe it or not, socks may be the oldest continuously worn article of clothing there is—surprising for a barely seen, barely remembered tube of fabric. But socks are essential! Our Stone Age ancestors wore a version of them, animal pelts that they lashed about their ankles with bits of leather. And, if there’s anything we know about cavemen, it’s that they had big, manly feet. The sort of feet that wore Size 15 Socks.

The other thing we know about our ancestors is that they were smart as heck. They invented the wheel, painting, fire. But, their crowning achievement? Socks.

We at XL Feet understand the value of this cotton sheath. Study the history of man, and you’re studying, concurrently, the history of socks. In his poem Works and Days from the 8th century BCE, the Greek poet Hesiod mentions ‘piloi,’ a sock made from matted animal hair. Prior to the 8th century BCE were the greek dark ages, the period of time before democracy, bronze statuary, and the Parthenon. It was a period of war, of famine. Now, is it a coincidence that socks arose around the same time as classical art, as democracy? I’ll leave the conclusions up to you. But, we at XL Feet doubt it.

In the foot game, you hear a lot about shoes. You hear about waterproofing and breathability. You hear about silhouette, about traction. You hear about every aspect of those architectured foot-protectors we call shoes, but rarely do you hear about socks. Stumbling across a conversation between two footmen about socks is like stumbling across an endangered species of swallow in your backyard. It happens, but, uh, not often.

At XL Feet, we’re raring to start the sock conversation.

Did you know that the modern sock dates to the 2nd century AD? The Romans would break out their ‘udone’ when autumn hit. Senators, legionnaires, even emperors, would wear them. Now, 200-280 AD was a period of great peace within the Roman empire. The people were happy and prosperous. Can you guess why? We at XL Feet are not in the business of providing answers, but we’re happy to provide a hint: it has to do with small pieces of fabric worn at or around the ankles.

Since the dawn of the classical period, socks have been the great driver of civilization, and we at XL Feet have one of the largest collections of Size 15 Socks in the country. From wool to tube to quarter to crew, we have the socks you need.

Our Extra Wide Athletic Quarter Socks stretch to EEEEEE wide, without compressing your ankle. Whether you happen to have extra wide feet, or suffer from edema or diabetes, these socks are the answer to your prayers. A non-binding sock for men who are tired of being uncomfortable, their feet squeezed into tight socks, the soft cotton tubing of this quarter sock hugs your ankle like a dream. It was the kind of thing the Romans would wear with sandals, while declaiming in the senate.

Also popular are our Extra Wide Athletic Crew Socks, which are great for wide feet, swollen legs, and accommodating edema and other circulatory issues. They come in mid-calf length, and stretch to 6E wide.

Though there were already companies offering bigfoot and wide width socks online, when Adrian Coulter decided to liquidate his retirement account and begin XL Feet, he had a vision—to become the best company of them all by offering the best range of products, with the best attendant expertise, and the deepest understanding of the underserved bigfoot and wide width communities. That includes a great range of Size 15 Socks, and a deep understanding of their historical importance.

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