The Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Home Use

In the world of drinking water, reverse osmosis filtered water is the purest water you can achieve. Because home water distillation is not practical, a RO system is the best option for homeowners who would like the purest possible drinking water on tap. Our team at efilters can help you find the best reverse osmosis water filter for your home.

At efilters we recommend home filtration systems from Everpure because they offer the perfect balance of efficiency and ease of use. Home reverse osmosis water filtration systems from Everpure are one of the best options for drinking water filtration. We care two residential sink RO systems, the ROM II and the ROM III. Each of these amazing systems removes up to 99% of contaminants from your water and will provide water with little yearly maintenance.

The first stage of Everpure’s RO filters is a filter cartridge designed to remove particulate matter and chlorine. Chlorine is the main concern for this stage of filtration because it can damage the RO membrane, causing holes in the membrane. Any damage to the membrane will stop its ability to filter effectively. The first stage also removes large particulate matter than would quickly clog the membrane. Because this first cartridge will be removing most of the crude particulate and larger chemicals, it will clog quicker than the others and should be changed about every six months.

The second stage in both of Everpure’s residential RO systems is the semi permeable membrane. This cartridge is the heart of your RO system, where water is pushed through a thin membrane designed to mimic the osmotic properties of a cell wall. By using water pressure greater than the osmotic pressure of the membrane, your water is able to pass through the membrane while larger particulate and compounds are left behind. The water of the input side of the filter will eventually be left with high amounts of contaminants and is drained out as “reject water” to avoid clogging the membrane over time.

Everpure’s ROM III RO system includes a special third layer of filtration after the RO membrane. This extra layer of filtration is there to remove VOCs or volatile organic compounds. These are chemicals that are able to slip through the membrane. These compounds vary in their capacity to harm the body, but this extra level of filtration will help ensure that any harmful VOCs will be removed from your water.

Both of these filtration systems are easy to install and maintain. ROM systems use a filter head that will hold the two or three cartridges. This is mounted under the sink leaving enough room for changing cartridges. You then hook up you water lines as detailed in the installation manual. Water will flow from your cold water line, through the filter head, and then filtered water is stored in a three gallon storage tank. Because RO filtration is slightly slower than other filtration options, this tank ensures that your system will always have water ready to consume. You will also need to install a dedicated air gap drinking water faucet with a connection to a drain for the reject water from the RO membrane.

If you are interested in adding one of these RO drinking water systems to your home, you can find them at efilters. Our team is here to help you find the best reverse osmosis water filter for your home. No matter which option you choose, you will get to enjoy clean water on demand for less than the cost of buying bottled water. To find out more visit or call us today at 1-866-283-9919.

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