The Best Moving Hacks For Your Next Move 

Are you dreading your upcoming move? Moving may not be easier, but you can do plenty of things that will keep your stress levels in check and help save you on the move. These moving hacks will simplify your move, and they may also help you avoid some major issues. 


Use Garbage Bags to Pack Your Clothes 

You don’t need to pack your wardrobe up and put it into cardboard boxes. You don’t have to take your clothes off the hangers at all. Instead, you can use garbage bags to keep your clothes safe. 

Take a few items out of your closet while leaving them off the hanger. Slide a garbage bag over your clothes as though it were a garbage bag. When you get to your new place, you can take off the garbage bag and hang the clothes up. Not only will this help you save on a long distance move, but also save your time and you can reuse the garbage bags after your move is done!


Don’t Unpack Your Drawers 

The less you have to pack and unpack, the better. You can avoid packing up your drawers if you open them up and place plastic wrap over them. That way, none of the contents will be able to fall out during the move. 

This hack will make your drawers a bit heavier, but more often than not, you’ll still be able to lift and transport your drawers without an issue. If you’re able to keep the packing to a minimum, you can make your next move easier on you. 


Use Clothes to Protect Fragile Items 

You likely have a lot of fragile things that will need to be protected during your move. You should avoid using newspapers to pack up these items. The ink from the paper can bleed onto your belongings! Instead, you’ll want to protect your things using clothes. 

Socks are perfect for protecting small and fragile items. If you want to protect your plates, why not pack them with some of your towels? This hack will save you time, and it will also help keep all of your things safe. 


Organize Cables With Toilet Paper Tubes 

Have you ever packed up a bunch of cables in a box, only to have them get all tangled up together? If you’d like to keep this from happening, you may want to try organizing your cables using toilet paper tubes. 

Take cables, wrap them up, and then place them inside an old empty toilet paper tube. You can use a little bit of scotch tape to keep the cables firmly in place. Use a marker to specify which cables a tube contains. You’ll be able to unpack your tubes with minimal issues. 


Cover Toiletries With Plastic Wrap 

You’ll likely be bringing a lot of toiletries with you during your move. If you’re not careful, these items could wind up leaking all over the rest of your belongings, which could cause a huge mess. 

You can keep this from happening by covering toiletries with plastic wrap. That way, even if a bottle leaks, the rest of your belongings will be clean. A little bit of plastic wrap can save you a lot of headaches in the future. 


Color Code Your Moving Boxes 

It’s a good idea to label your boxes when you pack them up. However, you may find that it’s easier to figure out where things go at a glance if you use some color-coded system. Assign a color to every room of the home. You could use red for the living room, blue for the kitchen, and so on. 

From there, buy colored stickers or markers. Mark every box with the color of the room that it belongs in. When you’re trying to figure out where a box goes, you won’t have to read it. You can look at the color that it’s marked with. 


These hacks can help to take the stress out of your next move. Moving may be a hassle, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways for you to make your move easier. Follow this advice so that you’ll be able to get through your move without any big headaches.