The Best In Men’s Extra Wide Slippers

Nothing feels better than sliding into a pair of a Men’s Extra Wide Slippers at the end of a long day, because slippers are built to maximize comfort — a function of the form, fit, and material that will have you snoozing fireside with an Alsatian at your feet. But it can be tough to find a pair of shoes that fit your extra wide feet. At XL Feet, we know that a shopping trip to a retail outlet is a game of diminished expectations. Most retailers provide only a substandard selection of wide-width products. That’s why, since our founding in 2009, XL Feet has dedicated itself to becoming the premier source of bigfoot and wide width footwear, acquiring the best men’s extra wide slippers the market has to offer. Choosing shoes can be a daunting task on the best of days. At XL Feet, our expert staff is always here to assist with your footwear needs.

For instance, check out these Classic Loafer Moccasin Sheepskin slippers made by Old Friend, a footwear company founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1981, whose tradition of quality workmanship translates perfectly into their Moccasin slipper. These slippers are available in sizes seven through sixteen. For us men with wide feet, they also come in 5E widths up to size fourteen. Designed with a built-up toe for “wiggle” in the plush sheepskin, these hand-stitched moccasins also feature a cinch adjustable tie, a cushioned midsole, and a replaceable insole. With elastic flex strips, men with a high instep can slip their feet into these big men’s slippers with ease. Most of us with wide feet haven’t felt the soft plush of a sheepskin moccasin since we were children, with child-sized feet. Treat yourself to that classic feel.

If you are one of many bigfoots out there who use orthotics, do not despair! Propet makes a warm, comfortable slipper called the Cush’n foot in sizes eight – sixteen EEEEE. Formerly PedRx, Propet makes it a priority to keep a large opening in their upper than can fit the shape of any foot. Ideal for night-time comfort, or for patients recovering from surgery, these slippers are cherished by men with wide feet. The neoprene upper of these large men’s slippers is complemented by a cushioned removable insole. Propet further equips theme with a polyurethane outsole to provide durability and traction for both indoor and outdoor wear.

Though there were already companies offering bigfoot and wide width slippers online, when Adrian Coulter decided to liquidate his retirement account and begin XL Feet, he had a vision—to become the best company by offering the best range of products, with the best attendant expertise, and the deepest understanding of the underserved bigfoot and wide width communities. For over a decade, XL Feet has been serving our bigfooted brethren from our brick and mortar in Saint Paul, Minnesota. By necessity, we’ve become experts in warmth. We know a good slipper when we see one. It’s a question of waterproofing and durable construction. Our men’s extra wide slippers are the best on the market, vetted by the best in the business.

XL Feet began with shoes and work boots, selling quality products from companies such as New Balance, Dunham, Drew Shoe, Keen Floor Shine, Serrel, and Carolina and Avenger. We have since expanded into hiking boots, socks, sandals, accessories, and men’s extra wide slippers while continuing to offer the highest caliber customer service. Our first priority is large sizes and wide widths so that you don’t get kept out shoeless in the cold. We’re your source for big shoes, plus-size shoes, socks, boots, and the extra-wide slippers you need to relax after a long day’s work.

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