The Best in Extra Wide Work Boots

If your job requires the use of work boots — jobs like carpenters, machinists, construction workers, or mechanics — then you know the wear and tear that these jobs engender, especially on your feet. Standing for a long period can put undue pressure on your feet, regardless of how well your work boot fits. But if you have extra wide feet, and you’re wearing a boot that is too thin for your foot, the problem will be exacerbated. From soft toe to composite to steel toe boots, at XL Feet, we have the extra wide work boots you need.

If you’re going to be standing for 12 hours straight, you want boots that are comfortable, durable, and light. The Carolina Men’s 6-Inch Waterproof Composite Broad Toe-Wide Width Work Boots are those boots. Coming in sizes 7-13, 14, 15, and 16, with widths of 2E-4E, this composite toe boot can accommodate the majority of feet around. The shape of the toe box offers the height and breadth to fit 4E width with ease. With a weight of about 2.3 ounces in size 16EE, these are some of the lightest boots around. And, they’re waterproof. The slip-resistant leather outsole is coupled with a Pillow Cushion™ insole that provides so much support that it literally feels like standing on a pillow.

If you need a steel toe boot, the Big Man’s Carolina 6-Inch Domestic Steel Toe Work Boots are for you. Made right here in this great country by hard-working Americans, they come in sizes up to 18, with widths from 2E to EEEE – 4E. This boot is expressly constructed to take care of your big feet. It uses three different technologies to maintain comfort, managing moisture, heat, and fungus development. The steel shank in their boots can keep you working with your shovel all day long. The concentration of oils and waxes in this boot’s amber-gold pitstop leather upper means that the shoe will age well. And the steel safety toe cap will provide your toes with the protection they deserve.

The Avenger 7546 Hammer 6 Inch Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boots are the first of their kind to accommodate size EEEEEE – 6E wide feet. Coming in sizes 7 to 17, these are the widest work boots around. Their puncture-resistant and non-metallic construction mean that, whether you work in a power plant, airport, or other such facilities, you can pass through a metal detector hassle-free. The composite toe is safer than steel and does not conduct cold the way that steel does. It is also significantly more lightweight. The boot’s perspiration absorbing insole, combined with its slip-resistant outsole, create a comfortable and durable cushion for your foot.

Since our humble beginning in 2009, when our founder Adrian Coulter liquidated his retirement account to start XL Feet, we have been committed to serving the needs of the bigfoot and wide width communities with quality extra wide work boots. Many of our customers are not able to just walk into a store and buy a pair of shoes. Many have a hard time finding shoes that fit them. What sets XL Feet apart is our team. We understand the struggle of finding large and wide shoes. And we know how important finding the right shoe is. The accuracy of our personal recommendations sets us a cut above. Many companies offer large and wide footwear online, but we know from experience how poor the service offered by such companies is. Our mission, at XL Feet, is to rectify this state of affairs. We aim to provide you the service you deserve.

In addition to extra wide work boots, XL Feet sells socks, shoes, hiking boots, sandals and slippers in the largest sizes and widest widths. We have a brick and mortar located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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