The Best Drain Snake Machines are at Duracable

The Drain Snake Machine is one of the most important components of any drain cleaning business. These machines allow drains to be unclogged without the costly process of digging up lines just to remove a stubborn clog or encroaching tree root. If you’re looking to get into the drain cleaning industry or your current machine is starting to fail on you, the high-quality machines we offer at Duracable are a great option to build your business around.

When you are buying a drain machine, you need to consider the needs of your business. Not everyone is going to need the biggest and most powerful option for their business. Sometimes a small machine can get the job done, especially if your business is focused on the residential market. Other times a large and powerful machine will be needed to cut tree roots out of large mains. Luckily, we have options for you.

At Duracable, we offer three classes of drain snake machines so our customers can always find the perfect choice to fit their business. Our smallest class of sink machines includes three models. Each of these models is designed to handle the smaller drain sizes found in homes. They are light enough to lift onto a countertop and can be operated horizontally and vertically. If you need a machine that can handle clogs and operate in tight spaces, these cleaner machines are a perfect choice.

Our next class of machines is our sled machines. Our sled machine category includes four models. These machines are built on a sturdy wheeled frame and fit the image most people have when they imagine a drain cleaner. These machines are small enough to move around easily while packing the power you need to break through stubborn clogs. These machines can hold larger lengths of cable and have more features than our sink machines. Some of these models feature automatic feed and return systems and additional safety features to keep operators safe while they work.

Finally, for the biggest jobs, we have our two models of upright machines. These machines are big and sturdy. They include stair climbers and winch attachments to make loading and unloading these heavy machines simple. They are also designed to fit through standard doorways without issue so you can always get them to the drain in question. Each of these machines also features a built-in toolbox so you can keep the necessary tools of the trade with you whenever you need them. No matter how big the job, you’ll be ready to tackle it with one of these drain snake machines in your corner.

In addition to our drain line cleaning machines, we also offer everything else your drain cleaning business could need. Our drain snakes are second to none and are available with either a hollow or nylon core. We also have over one hundred cable ends in stock including grease cutters and spring steel blades. All of our machines also use our enclosed cable drums which keep your site safe from splattering while making the process of swapping cables quick and easy.

So if your business is ready to invest in a new drain snake machine, it’s time to visit Duracable. All of our machines come with a 2-year warranty on the frame and motor, with some models offering additional warranty protection. If you have any questions about our drain machines or any of our other high-quality drain cleaning products, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 800-247-4081 or at

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