The Benefits of Using Tubeless Tyres

Every new car or SUV in the market comes with tubeless tyres these days. This is because they provide an array of advantages over the traditional tyres.

First, let us find out what exactly is a tubeless tyre. It is a compressed-air tyre that does not contain a separate tube inside it. So, is it only a traditional tyre without the tube? Well, for one, tubeless tyres have continuous ribs integrated into the bead so they remain sealed with the rim of the wheel.

If you own an older car which has tubed tyres and you are thinking about replacing them, you might want to look into tubeless Tyres Filey. Here are some benefits of tubeless tyres and reasons you might want to invest in them.

The tube of traditional tyres might get pinched between the wall and rim of the tyre and end up getting punctured. It might sound unlikely or even silly, but such punctures do happen regularly. Using tubeless tyres completely removes that possibility.

Drive on Low Tyre Pressure

Air pressure reduction inside the tyre occurs in both tubed and tubeless types. Driving your car on low-pressure tubed tyres can cause a pinching puncture on the tube or damage the tyre as a whole.

Liquid Sealant to Repair

Tubeless tyres filled with liquid sealants can quickly repair punctures. When a jagged object cuts a hole in the tyre, the sealant seeps out and dries down, effectively closing the puncture. This is particularly useful while travelling long distances without any worries.

Slow Air Escape

Air releases slowly in case of tubeless tyres, unlike tubed tyres which go flat within minutes of the puncture. This allows you to continue driving until it is safe to pull over.

Effect on Mileage

The absence of the tube in the tyre decreases the weight of the wheel framework and that of the overall vehicle.

Stability of Driving

As the air is contained within the tyre and not in a tube, the distribution is more even. This improves the stability of the vehicle travelling at high speeds. The same is not true for tubed tyres. The extra tube in the wheel setup makes the car unsteady reducing the performance and efficiency.

Before Upgrading to Tubeless Tyres

Now that you know the advantages of tubeless tyres, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • Tubeless tyres have to be fitted against the rim so that they are airtight. Not everyone can do this and you should seek professional help from authorised stores.
  • Sidewall punctures are quite dangerous. Tubeless tyres should be switched out entirely while you could only replace the tube of tubed tyres, in case of such punctures.
  • If the puncture is not fixed by the liquid sealant and the tyre goes flat, you need to take it to a repair shop. However, not every shop will have the required toolset to fix it. 
  • Tubeless tyres are more expensive compared to traditional tyres. But in recent years, this gap has gone down, so it is easier to get hold of them.

Thus, you know the advantages of tubeless tyres over tube-type ones and things you should look out for. It is now up to you whether you want to make the switch or not.


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