The Basics Of Playing Mulligan Darts

Mulligan darts game concentrates on hitting triples. There are seven targets in play in this game including the bullseye. Each player has to hit three triples to close out every number, and then hit the centre bull with three darts. This is not a game for beginners because hitting a triple is itself hard but hitting it three times is extremely difficult. Thus, you should go to this game only if you are an advanced player.

Rules of the game

Before starting the game, the players must determine the numbers in play. You may simply choose random numbers at the beginning, or make the players throw darts with their off hand to choose the target. The game requires a total of six numbers to use as targets. The final target would always be the centre bull.

After the numbers are decided, each player will get their turns to throw three darts at the first number. Everyone must hit three triples of the number to close it out and only then, they can move on to the next number. It is not needed for three triples to be in the same round.

After a player closes out the first number, they can proceed to the next one. this number would still be in play for the other players and they must also close it out by hitting three triples before they can move forwards.

Keep in mind that the number must be closed out in order. It will not count if you hit a triple for a number that is further down the board. The first player who will close out all six numbers will win.

There is not really any tip or strategy for Mulligan darts. This game is purely based on skills to hit a well laid out road map on the dart board. The better you get at playing darts, the better you will be able to play Mulligan. If you want to win this game, you should start practising regularly at home and challenge fellow players to it frequently.

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