The Awesome Utility of a Field Jacket from At The Front

What isn’t a field jacket good for? Obviously, if you’re looking for one of the Army’s older issue Field Jackets they’re good for displays and as collectibles as well as for reenactment and the likes. But, honestly, what else can’t they do? The militaries that conceived of and contracted to produce field jackets had the ultimate utilitarian tool in mind, a piece of outerwear that was functional in the heat and functional in the cold, being neither too specialized for either scenario.

All field jackets are good at keeping the beating sun off of you and some are water repellent. They keep you protected from brush and other obstacles encountered in the field without adding too much bulk, while at the same time appearing formal enough to pass as a part of dress attire in casual settings. Most surprisingly, many field jackets offer an immense amount of storage without adding a commensurate amount of bulk. So what you have is basically the ultimate all-purpose piece of outerwear, able to tackle many obstacles well enough to get you through your average trial in the field. And if you’re looking for a reproduction field jacket of unrivaled quality, you can’t go wrong with the jackets from At The Front.

Take their U.S. M43 Field Jacket, which was reconstructed in house from an original piece. Made to exactly the same specifications as the originally contracted piece, At The Front’s M43 Field Jacket is every bit as protective and functional as the originals, with a few improvements in design that increase utility but do not affect metrics for the sake of authenticity. For example, the cotton they use in production has been treated with Teflon to increase its ability to shed water. As far as the capability of the jacket to store goods, their M43 offers four internal pockets that are big enough to hold a quantity of food and ammunition, and perhaps for someone putting the jacket to modern use, sunglasses or maps. A true gem of a reproduction, At The Front’s M43 Field Jacket is durable, capacious, and faithfully reproduced.

At The Front offers several other models of field jackets such as their M1941 Field Jacket, which is much like their M43 model, although it, like the originals, was found to be lacking, somewhat, in capacity. Nonetheless, the models offered by At The Front are also recreated based on original models. Heavier and of stouter quality than the reproductions offered elsewhere, the M1941 Field Jackets offered by At The Front are superior to the competition.

At The Front also offers the appurtenances that go along with many of their reproduction field jackets such as wool shirts, wool field trousers and the hoods that are intended to accompany the jackets. You can also find replacement buttons from At The Front along with patches and insignia intended to complete a reproduction piece. Moreover, you will find other jackets such as their Tanker Jacket and Army HBT Jacket that serve the purposes of the outdoorsmen just as well as the original field jackets.

In short, whether your purposes are for display, reenactment, function or fashion, the field jackets from At The Front are second to none. Created from originals and faithful in cut and design for those concerned with authenticity, made using heavy quality fabrics and materials for those concerned with function in the field and handsomely recreated for those who will wear them casually, At The Front has checked off every square. You simply can’t go wrong with the field jackets from At The Front whether the jacket will be hung or worn, so before you get sidetracked by the other imitators out there, head to

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