The Advantage Of Everpure Water Filtration Systems

With all of the news about lead pipes and groundwater contamination, it’s becoming harder and harder to trust your tap water. While bottled water is widely available, the combination of high cost and plastic waste makes buying bottled water an inefficient option for most households. If you would like to have clean water on demand in your home, Everpure Water Filtration Systems are an amazing option. Once these systems are installed they offer an amazing combination of clean water and user friendly design.

The most common method of home water filtration is the pitcher filter. These chunky plastic pitchers require daily filling, take up space in your refrigerator, and they do not filter water very efficiently. They also need new cartridges after only 40 gallons and they will still allow water to pass through a used filter, leading to many pitchers being used well beyond the capacity of their filters.

For a more dedicated and low maintenance option, the line of Everpure Water Filtration Systems from Pentair are a perfect filtration solution. Everpure water filters combine amazing engineering with an incredibly user friendly design. The secret to Everpure’s effectiveness is their superior filter design.

Everpure’s cartridges can filter hundreds to thousands of gallons of water depending on the model in question. Each filter contains their proprietary Micro Pure filter media. This filter media is arranged in a unique pleated design to maximize surface area and increase water flow through the filter. Everpure’s standard cartridges filter your water down to .5 microns. To give a concept of scale, a thin human hair is about 50 microns across, so these filters can remove contaminants that are one hundredth the width of a hair.

All of Everpure’s systems can be installed using only a few simple tools. The main consideration when choosing a system is space. When you set up a system, you need to make sure you have adequate room for changing your cartridge. These systems typically require their own dedicated filtered water tap, which means you will have to add a hol in your countertop in order to install the system.

If you do not wish to add a new faucet to your countertop, Everpure has options for you. The Everpure PBS400 is a unique model that uses the cold water side of your existing faucet to deliver your filtered water. This unique option means that you can install your system without having to make any noticeable alterations to your kitchen.

No matter what Everpure water filtration system you choose to install, maintenance is simple. Unlike filter pitchers, Everpure filters will begin to clog as they reach the end of their lifespan. Once you notice your water flow rate beginning to decrease, it is time to change your filter. Changing your filter begins with flipping the valve on the filter head to relieve pressure and cut off water flow. The changing of the filter cartridge itself is about as simple as changing a lightbulb. Once your new filter is installed you simply run the water for a few minutes to flush out any air and you’re ready to continue enjoying freshly filtered drinking water for months before you need to touch the system again.

If you are ready to have clean filtered water on demand in your home, visit efilters today. We have several Everpure water filtration systems in stock and our team is here to help you find the perfect system for your home. If you have any questions about our Everpure products, feel free to contact us at 469-322-0295.

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