Take These Steps to Keep from Getting a DUI

The best way to avoid needing a DUI lawyer is to make sure that you don’t get pulled over for driving while under the influence in the first place. If you do get pulled over, you can still avoid a charge if you remain polite, attentive, and aware of the laws in your area. Here are some steps you can take to minimize your risk of getting a DUI. Keep these tips in mind should you ever find yourself in a difficult situation.

Know Your Drinking Limits

 Obviously, the easiest way to avoid getting charged with DUI is to make sure that you are sober before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. It helps to know your personal limits, which are usually based on gender and weight. Note that this limit is not an indication of how many drinks you can have before you feel drunk. Even people with a high functional tolerance have the same blood alcohol content limits as everybody else. For most men, two drinks in two hours will keep you under the legal limit. Women need to adhere closer to one or one and a half drinks over that same period of time. If you’ve had more than this, wait at least an hour before reevaluating and determining whether it is safe for you to drive.

Pay Attention to Laws in Your Region and Beyond

 Even if you have never been pulled over for DUI, you should be familiar with the laws in your region. This doesn’t mean that you need to know them inside and out, but you should know basics like your local legal limit, the potential fines and penalties you may face, and standard procedure that the police will take during an arrest. Even people who do not drink at all can benefit from this knowledge, since sometimes police pull somebody over by mistake. Furthermore, you should also have a functional awareness of how the laws might change when you travel. When you plan a trip to another province or region, make sure that you know how the local driving laws differ from what you are used to.

Cooperate with the Police

 If you get pulled over, don’t get too aggressive or defensive with the police. As long as they make reasonable requests, do what they ask and make sure to stay calm. If you lose control during a traffic stop, the police have more reason to suspect that you are intoxicated or hiding something. You don’t need to volunteer more information than what the police request, but you should also make sure not to lie or make an attempt to mislead the police. The easier you make the traffic stop, the less reason the police have to suspect any wrongdoing. If the arresting officer pushes you or shows aggression despite your attempt to remain calm, keep that in mind should the case go to court.

Consult a Lawyer

 Sometimes, even your best efforts can’t keep you from getting arrested for a DUI. If you find yourself charged, it’s time to consult a DUI lawyer. A successful defense in court might be able to keep you from suffering the full effects of the charge and could lead the matter to be dismissed if the charge was erroneous or the police acted inappropriately. Don’t assume that you can defend yourself, even if the case seems cut and dried in your favor. A DUI lawyer knows the nuances of the law and can refer to historical precedent in order to successfully defend your case. Most of the time, you can take advantage of a free consultation with your potential lawyer to make sure that you get somebody who meets your needs.

By keeping these tips in mind and acting appropriately before, during, and after a DUI arrest, you maximize your chance of fighting the matter. A successful defense can save you money and allow you to keep your driver’s license.

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