Take Control of Your Financials: How outsourcing HME Billing can help your practice

As you know the healthcare sector is in a state of constant evolution – thus making it a tricky business for providers to manage its billing operation and generate a profitable balance. In fact, in the recent 2020 healthcare crisis where demand for remote care and home-based treatments, and consequently, medical equipment increased – managing the billing was further challenging. While amplified by an acute labor shortage and the rising requirements for Home Medical Equipment (HME), leading to strains in seamless HME billing transactions; providers were further seen stressed in this phase. 

Though even after two years not much has changed – as today the wave in healthcare service demand has not only led to an elevated volume of claims, which can overwhelm in-house teams but also a lack of skilled resources can delay your complete reimbursement. And the introduction of new technologies and regulations further complicates the landscape for smaller HME practices, diverting their focus from patient care. Today providers are looking for solutions that can help. 

 Today providers in order to address the needs of patients with chronic conditions and disabilities and complex affairs of Home Medical Equipment (HME) looking for alternative solutions; as the multifaceted nature of billing procedures, if handled by inexperienced personnel, often results in errors, decreasing the likelihood of reimbursement.  

Furthermore, when a billing operation is handled by an expert it can further help you save your time and be a cost saving as an American Medical Association study found that the average hospital spends $2.40 in administrative costs to process a claim. So having a specialized professional can significantly reduce these costs, and save your money by taking care of all the extra training fees, infrastructure costs etc. 

Sunknowledge the complete HME billing destination: 

with the adoption of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing and more than 15 + years of handling complex HME billing affairs, Sunknowledge today is known for delivering state of art solutions to many leading names in the industry.  Streamlining and automating many manual processes in your HME billing, reducing errors and increasing billing operation efficiency, Sunknowledge today offers the highest first pass collections rate of 97% in the industry. Following 99.9% the expert taking care of all your aging backlog further ensures improved ROI and better billing transactions guarantee.  

So what are you waiting for? To know more about what difference Sunknowledge can bring to the table by managing your HME billing operation, get in touch with the expert now! 

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