Sunknowledge-a Covid Billing destination for Urgent Care and Lab Testing Services

In the recent pandemic, many healthcare practices have limited their assets. Not being able to manage large finance by mobilizing sufficient resources, healthcare practices today facing a lot of difficulties due to the changing and new billing regulations, shortage of labor and resources. In fact, with the rapid growth in the number of patients with corona virus disease, there has been an increase in financial bankruptcy and unprecedented changes in care delivery and billable services for many healthcare practices. The pandemic raised many questions about the practice’s billing ability as well.

Sunknowledge-the powerful covid billing destination:

With positive operating margins, Sunknowledge Services Inc today has transformed many healthcare practices by not only resolving their financial challenges but also by improving their billing operation. Taking care of the complete covid – 19 billing for urgent care and lab testing services, our experts today are known for the highest productivity metrics.

Furthermore, partnering with us for your covid billing, you further experience a total cost reduction of 80% as we eliminate the training fee, software installation, billers’ wages; which you eventually end up wasting.

Helping you with a better billing operation and customized reporting to give you a clear picture of your billing status, our experts further ensures the highest first pass collection rate. With a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate for more than 12+ years, we are the only RCM to resolve aging AR as old as three years.

Still worried about your covid billing for urgent care and lab testing services? call our experts right now and we will show you how we can make a difference in your practices. Improving your ROI, we are the ultimate answer for the seamless Covid billing that you are looking for.

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