Sunknowledge caters to all your orthotics and prosthetics billing needs

Running seamless orthotics and prosthetics is what every provider dreams of. However, with changing billing regulations, new codes, payers’ requirements etc; managing it requires quite an effort. 

Today the complex payment systems, and intricate billing codes in orthotics billing and prosthetics further divert the focus from patient care and further corrupt the ways you can improve core operational efficiency.  This is why providers are looking for strategies to enhance operational efficiency in orthotics and prosthetics billing. 

Sunknowledge offers seamless orthotics and prosthetics billing way out: 

Working for the healthcare industry for more than 15 + years now, Sunknowledge is known for delivering state of art solutions to many leading names in the healthcare industry. 

 identification and elimination of expenses not directly contributing to the quality of care, the expert not only saves 80% of the operational expenses but also following strigent checks and constant follow up also reduces your chances of errors by 99.9 %.  

Increasing your billing efficiency and reducing the costs, Sunknowledge following 100 % HIPAA compliant ensures transparency, and avoidance of redundant coding and also problems like undercoding etc. Working on denials and identifying the root cause of it, the expert keeping security as a priority improves productivity by electronically transmitting healthcare data between systems. Utilizing various billing software that enables efficient handling of large volumes of orthotics and prosthetics claims, the expert today provides real-time data access, revenue generation and error reduction. 

 Avoiding all your unnecessary hires and identifying redundancies, the billers and coders are further continuous training at all levels, emphasizing cost efficiency, and encouraging employee ideas for cost reduction while enhancing operational efficiency. 

so stop all your orthotics and prosthetics worries as Sunknowledge is here to address the escalating costs and all your billing needs in orthotics and prosthetics billing while enhancing operational efficiency. in fact, today with more than 100s clientele in orthotics, and prosthetics, DME space, Sunknowledge has helped many in reducing costs, improving revenue, and ultimately helped practices deliver high-quality orthotics and prosthetics services to patients while ensuring all billing needs are in check. 

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