Sunknowledge Aids in Resolving your Complex O&P Administrative Billing Burdens

There is no denying that the recent crisis has shaken and changed the complete healthcare industry. With addition to new codes, complex new regulation and ever changing rules along with the usage of telemedicine platform among practices; the administrative burden of the healthcare practices are seen more at stress now than ever.

In fact in most of the practices, staff ends up spending an average of ½ of their workday on tasks related to EHR work and thus shifting their attention from patient care. This does not end here – when often asked to perform administrative tasks it results in delayed paperwork, claims submission coding errors and hence overall rising cost for your orthotics and prosthetic billing management. This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc fits in.

Sunknowledge – the orthotics and prosthetics billing destination:

One of the foremost points which cause maximum stress is an orthotics and prosthetics billing process is managing the front end work of documentation.

According to a survey of The New England Journal of Medicine, the task of documentation requires an average of 16 minutes per encounter; taking out maximum time from your staff. However, with the right operational extension like Sunknowledge Services Inc, you not only ensure a faster documentation and billing process but also a better reimbursement at a cost-effective rate of $ 7 per hour.

Taking care of the complete front and back end orthotics and prosthetics billing work, we do it all. From directly contacting and ensuring follow-up, we ensure correct documentation. Maintaining an accuracy level of 99.9%; we also reduce your chance of error and denial as well as rejection rate too.

Managing efficiently and seamlessly all your claims to payment posting activities; partnering with us releases you from worrying about all your orthotics and prosthetics billing operations as we are here offering you the best solution with dedicated resources.


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