Summer Tyres- know everything about them

With advancements in the automobile industry, several components have been developed that cater to the specific needs of your car. One such component is car tyres. A wide variety of tyres are available in the market right now that are designed for specific purposes.

Having such a wide range of Tyres Birmingham available can make you all the more confused when buying a set for yourself. Depending on where you live and the roads you drive on you may need to browse through the following types-

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All-Season Tyres

What are summer tyres?

Summer tyres Birmingham are intended for high-performance cars that travel at high speeds on dry roads. They are designed to provide agility and rapid response around bends. Summer tyres are designed with optimum tread patterns and compounds to provide maximum road grip, which is critical while driving at high speeds. Summer tyre tread compounds are designed to be flexible for improved traction and stability.

Summer tyres vs. Winter tyres vs. All-season Tyres

What is the difference between summer, winter, and all-season tyres you might be wondering? The basic explanation is that summer tyres are intended to give good performance when temperatures are above 7°c, but not when temperatures are below that. For colder temperatures, one would require to have winter tyres. All-season tyres, however, are designed to provide vehicles with enough winter traction to go through mild snow conditions, allowing a driver to use the same set of tyres all year in areas with little snowfall or ice.

Summer tyre tread patterns are shallower than winter tyre tread patterns, which aids in road accuracy. They do, however, stiffen at temperatures below 7°C, resulting in a loss of performance.

If you want the maximum performance from your tyres throughout the summer, you should go for summer tyres Birmingham over all-season tyres.

Do you need to buy summer tyres?

As the seasons go by, inevitably comes the time when everything is hot and dry followed by some occasional downpours. Summer tyres are ideal for such conditions since they function well on both dry and wet surfaces. Summer tyres are made of a stronger rubber compound that offers grip and traction in both dry and wet conditions. Summer tyre tread patterns are intended to reduce hydroplaning at high speeds as compared to all-season tyres. This leads to faster brake deployment and steering, which enhances the vehicle’s safety and handling.

Types of Summer Tyres

As mentioned before, various types of equipment are available in the market which are suited for specific needs. Hence, it goes without saying that various type of summer tyres have been developed that are beneficial for different automobiles and driving styles.

  • Grand touring summer tyres- are designed to provide good dry and wet grip as well as a comfortable ride. When compared to normal touring tyres, they provide greater handling and high-speed capability.
  • Extreme performance summer tyres- these have large block tread patterns, aggressive compounds, and strengthened construction to provide high-speed capabilities for severe driving.
  • Max performance summer tyres- they provide good grip in both wet and dry situations, as well as moderate tread wear.
  • High-performance summer tyres- are designed to provide excellent handling in both wet and dry situations and they also have adequate tread wear.
  • Ultra high-performance summer tyres- these are developed for quick handling in wet and dry situations while providing a relatively pleasant ride and tread life.
  • Highway rib summer tyres- these have rib-type tread patterns that are particularly intended for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, pickups, SUVs, and RVs. They run smoothly, have even wear, are quiet, and have a good grip on wet and dry roads.
  • Street or sport truck summer tyres- they are developed with a broad, low profile and a big diameter to enhance the vehicle’s appearance and function well in both dry and wet situations.

Benefits of using summer tyres

You can reap various benefits by using summer tyres Birmingham while driving. Designed specifically to improve your overall driving experience they are as follows-

  • increased speed and performance
  • Resistance to aquaplaning improved.
  • Car control and responsive steering
  • Shortening of the braking distance
  • Lower noise clamour
  • Extraordinary grip
  • Increased driving precision leading to improved safety as well