Stunning home decor ideas with LED candle lights

The warm glow of candles makes everything look dreamy. It has a magical spell that can transform the mood of any room and add a soothing aura. Candlelight and romance have a never-ending affair that stood the test of time. But sometimes traditional candle lights cannot be used to light up the room. If you have little kids or furry friends in your home, wax candles are not the safest option.


That’s where LED candles come to rescue. The pleasing lighting effect and the soft glow that provide the same luminescence as a traditional candle leads to the great demand of LED candles in India. If you are looking to introduce a sophisticated touch or add somewhat a rustic note to cozy up your space, decorating with LED candles is a great idea.


  1. Use flameless candles in lanterns:

For an elegantly rustic look, opt for beautiful flameless candles in shiny gold lanterns. The lantern alone has a vintage charm, but by adding LED candles in it provides a lovely glow in the evening hours without a real flame. Gather up some small lanterns with stunning and intricate metal pierce work and place them strategically on black stair treads or hang large lamps holding LED candles in your front porch to illuminate the entryway.


  1. Create a relaxed mood in bedroom:

With LED candles you can add a soft glow to your bedroom in a creative way. Clear the clutter to make room for candles that can gently illuminate the room and you don’t have to worry about fire-related accidents. Candlelight sets a calm, relaxing mood for unwinding after a long day. Place them on the shelf or above curtains holders and leave the candles on all night for that soothing lighting effect.


  1. Liven up the living room:

Living rooms have enough scope to decorate with LED candles. Placing the lights on the coffee table is the perfect way to set the mood for cocktail hour, or wind down with post-dinner drinks. You can scatter the glow around the room by placing them on side tables. You can also ‘throw some light’ on your amazing book collection by placing LED candles there.


  1. Create magic in the dining room:

Fake candles that look real will certainly add height and dimension to centerpieces. Create quick dining room centerpieces using LED candles that will give your dinner table a festive flare. Sideboards usually live against a wall, which makes them the perfect surface for candlelight. The candles will also look good in a windowsill and make your home look inviting. Also, you can easily buy LED candles online and install in the chandeliers to add the rustic charm in your dining space.