Enhance Your Reimbursements with Streamlined Orthotics Billing

Enhance Your Reimbursements with Streamlined Orthotics Billing | Staffs in a typical orthotics setting must be well versed with the coverage criteria of the principal insurance companies. It makes it easier to manage everything from start to finish. The federal ban on surprise bills is so much pro patient and pro consumer oriented.

Even after having insurance emergency care can still be expensive and the patients possessing high deductible plans can still face fat medical bills. But the law eliminates any risk of an out of network hospital or a doctor sending extra bills.

Providers must plan early and make sure that their pre and post Orthotics billing efforts are in track so that payments are realized quick and without any hassles to the patients. It is critical for any Orthotics supplier to ensure consumer satisfaction. Finding a quality partner equipped to handle everything from start to finish in orthotics billing should be the idea.

What makes Sunknowledge unique

One of the major reasons to work with us is our extensive experience handling the pre billing part. We do it all in the front end, mitigating the chances of any errors that comes up at the later stages with denials.

Our team has excellent track record of reducing operational costs by almost 80% and we have excellent references from the biggest and the best Orthotics suppliers across the country. At these difficult times of labor shortage and rising wages, we are your best bet as a top class orthotics billing company.

Also, we excel in performing customized and task specific activities in eligibility verification, Order entry, prior authorization, doctor’s office follow up, claims submission, denial management, A/R collections and payment posting. Partner with us and come to know what makes us unique in the world of healthcare revenue cycle management.

Speak to our experts and come to know our functional best practices and how we deliver actionable support in Orthotics billing at just $7 per hour. Our experts will love to give you a complete preview on what difference we bring to the table as a top class orthotics billing and coding services company.

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